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Action Description Resource Condition
cloudtrail:AddTags Adds one or more tags to a trail, up to a limit of 50. ??? -
cloudtrail:CreateTrail Creates a trail that specifies the settings for delivery of log data to an Amazon S3 bucket. ??? -
cloudtrail:DeleteTrail Deletes a trail. ??? -
cloudtrail:DescribeTrails Retrieves settings for the trail associated with the current region for your account. ??? -
cloudtrail:GetTrailStatus Returns a JSON-formatted list of information about the specified trail. ??? -
cloudtrail:ListPublicKeys Returns all public keys whose private keys were used to sign the digest files within the specified time range. ??? -
cloudtrail:ListTags Lists the tags for the trail in the current region. ??? -
cloudtrail:LookupEvents Looks up API activity events captured by CloudTrail that create, update, or delete resources in your account. ??? -
cloudtrail:RemoveTags Removes the specified tags from a trail. ??? -
cloudtrail:StartLogging Starts the recording of AWS API calls and log file delivery for a trail. arn:aws:cloudtrail:$region:$account:trail/$trailname -
cloudtrail:StopLogging Suspends the recording of AWS API calls and log file delivery for the specified trail. arn:aws:cloudtrail:$region:$account:trail/$trailname -
cloudtrail:UpdateTrail Updates the settings that specify delivery of log files. ??? -
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