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Action Description Resource Condition
cloudwatch:DeleteAlarms Deletes all specified alarms. * -
cloudwatch:DeleteDashboards Deletes all dashboards that you specify. * -
cloudwatch:DescribeAlarmHistory Retrieves history for the specified alarm. * -
cloudwatch:DescribeAlarms Retrieves alarms with the specified names. * -
cloudwatch:DescribeAlarmsForMetric Retrieves all alarms for a single metric. * -
cloudwatch:DisableAlarmActions Disables actions for the specified alarms. * -
cloudwatch:EnableAlarmActions Enables actions for the specified alarms. * -
cloudwatch:GetDashboard Displays the details of the dashboard that you specify. * -
cloudwatch:GetMetricData ??? * -
cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics Gets statistics for the specified metric. * -
cloudwatch:ListDashboards Returns a list of the dashboards for your account. * -
cloudwatch:ListMetrics Returns a list of valid metrics stored for the AWS account owner. * -
cloudwatch:PutDashboard Creates a dashboard if it does not already exist, or updates an existing dashboard. * -
cloudwatch:PutMetricAlarm Creates or updates an alarm and associates it with the specified Amazon CloudWatch metric. * -
cloudwatch:PutMetricData Publishes metric data points to Amazon CloudWatch. * -
cloudwatch:SetAlarmState Temporarily sets the state of an alarm for testing purposes. * -
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