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Action Description Resource Condition
codestar:AssociateTeamMember Adds an IAM user to the team for an AWS CodeStar project. ??? ???
codestar:CreateProject Reserved for future use. ??? ???
codestar:CreateUserProfile Creates a profile for a user that includes user preferences, such as the display name and email address assocciated with the user, in AWS CodeStar. ??? ???
codestar:DeleteExtendedAccess . ??? ???
codestar:DeleteProject Deletes a project, including project resources. ??? ???
codestar:DeleteUserProfile Deletes a user profile in AWS CodeStar, including all personal preference data associated with that profile, such as display name and email address. ??? ???
codestar:DescribeProject Describes a project and its resources. ??? ???
codestar:DescribeUserProfile Describes a user in AWS CodeStar and the user attributes across all projects. ??? ???
codestar:DisassociateTeamMember Removes a user from a project. ??? ???
codestar:GetExtendedAccess . ??? ???
codestar:ListProjects Lists all projects in AWS CodeStar associated with your AWS account. ??? ???
codestar:ListResources Lists resources associated with a project in AWS CodeStar. ??? ???
codestar:ListTeamMembers Lists all team members associated with a project. ??? ???
codestar:ListUserProfiles Lists all the user profiles configured for your AWS account in AWS CodeStar. ??? ???
codestar:PutExtendedAccess . ??? ???
codestar:UpdateProject Updates a project in AWS CodeStar. ??? ???
codestar:UpdateTeamMember Updates a team member's attributes in an AWS CodeStar project. ??? ???
codestar:UpdateUserProfile Updates a user's profile in AWS CodeStar. ??? ???
codestar:VerifyServiceRole . ??? ???
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