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Action Description Resource Condition
cognito-identity:CreateIdentityPool Creates a new identity pool. * -
cognito-identity:DeleteIdentityPool Deletes a user pool. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:DeleteIdentities Deletes identities from an identity pool. * -
cognito-identity:DescribeIdentity Returns metadata related to the given identity, including when the identity was created and any associated linked logins. * -
cognito-identity:DescribeIdentityPool Gets details about a particular identity pool, including the pool name, ID description, creation date, and current number of users. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:GetIdentityPoolRoles Gets the roles for an identity pool. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:GetOpenIdTokenForDeveloperIdentity Registers (or retrieves) a Cognito IdentityId and an OpenID Connect token for a user authenticated by your backend authentication process. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:ListIdentities Lists the identities in a pool. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:ListIdentityPools Lists all of the Cognito identity pools registered for your account. * -
cognito-identity:LookupDeveloperIdentity Retrieves the IdentityID associated with a DeveloperUserIdentifier or the list of DeveloperUserIdentifiers associated with an IdentityId for an existing identity. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:MergeDeveloperIdentities Merges two users having different IdentityIds, existing in the same identity pool, and identified by the same developer provider. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:SetIdentityPoolRoles Sets the roles for an identity pool. * -
cognito-identity:UnlinkDeveloperIdentity Unlinks a DeveloperUserIdentifier from an existing identity. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
cognito-identity:UpdateIdentityPool Updates a user pool. arn:aws:cognito-sync:$region:$account:identitypool/$identity-pool-id -
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