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Action Description Resource Condition
discovery:CreateTags Creates one or more tags for configuration items. * -
discovery:DeleteTags Deletes the association between configuration items and one or more tags. * -
discovery:DescribeAgents Lists agents or the Connector by ID or lists all agents/Connectors associated with your user account if you did not specify an ID. * -
discovery:DescribeConfigurations Retrieves a list of attributes for a specific configuration ID. * -
discovery:DescribeExportConfigurations Retrieves the status of a given export process. * -
discovery:DescribeTags Retrieves a list of configuration items that are tagged with a specific tag. * -
discovery:ExportConfigurations Exports all discovered configuration data to an Amazon S3 bucket or an application that enables you to view and evaluate the data. * -
discovery:ListConfigurations Retrieves a list of configurations items according to the criteria you specify in a filter. * -
discovery:StartDataCollectionByAgentIds Instructs the specified agents or Connectors to start collecting data. * -
discovery:StopDataCollectionByAgentIds Instructs the specified agents or Connectors to stop collecting data. * -
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