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Action Description Resource Condition
dms:AddTagsToResource Adds metadata tags to a DMS resource, including replication instance, endpoint, security group, and migration task. ??? -
dms:CreateEndpoint Creates an endpoint using the provided settings. ??? -
dms:CreateReplicationInstance Creates the replication instance using the specified parameters. ??? -
dms:CreateReplicationSubnetGroup Creates a replication subnet group given a list of the subnet IDs in a VPC. ??? -
dms:CreateReplicationTask Creates a replication task using the specified parameters. ??? -
dms:DeleteEndpoint Deletes the specified endpoint. ??? -
dms:DeleteReplicationInstance Deletes the specified replication instance. ??? -
dms:DeleteReplicationSubnetGroup Deletes a subnet group. ??? -
dms:DeleteReplicationTask Deletes the specified replication task. ??? -
dms:DescribeAccountAttributes Lists all of the AWS DMS attributes for a customer account. ??? -
dms:DescribeConnections Describes the status of the connections that have been made between the replication instance and an endpoint. ??? -
dms:DescribeEndpointTypes Returns information about the type of endpoints available. ??? -
dms:DescribeEndpoints Returns information about the endpoints for your account in the current region. ??? -
dms:DescribeOrderableReplicationInstances Returns information about the replication instance types that can be created in the specified region. ??? -
dms:DescribeRefreshSchemasStatus Returns the status of the RefreshSchemas operation. ??? -
dms:DescribeReplicationInstances Returns information about replication instances for your account in the current region. ??? -
dms:DescribeReplicationSubnetGroups Returns information about the replication subnet groups. ??? -
dms:DescribeReplicationTasks Returns information about replication tasks for your account in the current region. ??? -
dms:DescribeSchemas Returns information about the schema for the specified endpoint. ??? -
dms:DescribeTableStatistics Returns table statistics on the database migration task, including table name, rows inserted, rows updated, and rows deleted. ??? -
dms:ListTagsForResource Lists all tags for an AWS DMS resource. ??? -
dms:ModifyEndpoint Modifies the specified endpoint. ??? -
dms:ModifyReplicationInstance Modifies the replication instance to apply new settings. ??? -
dms:ModifyReplicationSubnetGroup Modifies the settings for the specified replication subnet group. ??? -
dms:RefreshSchemas Populates the schema for the specified endpoint. ??? -
dms:RemoveTagsFromResource Removes metadata tags from a DMS resource. ??? -
dms:StartReplicationTask Starts the replication task. ??? -
dms:StopReplicationTask Stops the replication task. ??? -
dms:TestConnection Tests the connection between the replication instance and the endpoint. ??? -
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