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Action Description Resource Condition
organizations:AcceptHandshake Sends a response to the originator of a handshake agreeing to the action proposed by the handshake request. ??? ???
organizations:AttachPolicy Attaches a policy to a root, an organizational unit, or an individual account. ??? ???
organizations:CancelHandshake Cancels a handshake. ??? ???
organizations:CreateAccount Creates an AWS account that is automatically a member of the organization whose credentials made the request. ??? ???
organizations:CreateOrganization Creates an AWS organization. ??? ???
organizations:CreateOrganizationalUnit Creates an organizational unit (OU) within a root or parent OU. ??? ???
organizations:CreatePolicy Creates a policy of a specified type that you can attach to a root, an organizational unit (OU), or an individual AWS account. ??? ???
organizations:DeclineHandshake Declines a handshake request. ??? ???
organizations:DeleteOrganization Deletes the organization. ??? ???
organizations:DeleteOrganizationalUnit Deletes an organizational unit from a root or another OU. ??? ???
organizations:DeletePolicy Deletes the specified policy from your organization. ??? ???
organizations:DescribeAccount Retrieves Organizations-related information about the specified account. ??? ???
organizations:DescribeCreateAccountStatus Retrieves the current status of an asynchronous request to create an account. ??? ???
organizations:DescribeHandshake Retrieves information about a previously requested handshake. ??? ???
organizations:DescribeOrganization Retrieves information about the organization that the user's account belongs to. ??? ???
organizations:DescribeOrganizationalUnit Retrieves information about an organizational unit (OU). ??? ???
organizations:DescribePolicy Retrieves information about a policy. ??? ???
organizations:DetachPolicy Detaches a policy from a target root, organizational unit, or account. ??? ???
organizations:DisablePolicyType Disables an organizational control policy type in a root. ??? ???
organizations:EnableAllFeatures Enables all features in an organization. ??? ???
organizations:EnablePolicyType Enables a policy type in a root. ??? ???
organizations:InviteAccountToOrganization Sends an invitation to another account to join your organization as a member account. ??? ???
organizations:LeaveOrganization Removes a member account from its parent organization. ??? ???
organizations:ListAccounts Lists all the accounts in the organization. ??? ???
organizations:ListAccountsForParent Lists the accounts in an organization that are contained by the specified target root or organizational unit (OU). ??? ???
organizations:ListChildren Lists all of the OUs or accounts that are contained in the specified parent OU or root. ??? ???
organizations:ListCreateAccountStatus Lists the account creation requests that match the specified status that is currently being tracked for the organization. ??? ???
organizations:ListHandshakesForAccount Lists the current handshakes that are associated with the account of the requesting user. ??? ???
organizations:ListHandshakesForOrganization Lists the handshakes that are associated with the organization that the requesting user is part of. ??? ???
organizations:ListOrganizationalUnitsForParent Lists the organizational units (OUs) in a parent organizational unit or root. ??? ???
organizations:ListParents Lists the root or organizational units (OUs) that serve as the immediate parent of the specified child OU or account. ??? ???
organizations:ListPolicies Retrieves the list of all policies in an organization of a specified type. ??? ???
organizations:ListPoliciesForTarget Lists the policies that are directly attached to the specified target root, organizational unit (OU), or account. ??? ???
organizations:ListRoots Lists the roots that are defined in the current organization. ??? ???
organizations:ListTargetsForPolicy Lists all the roots, OUs, and accounts to which the specified policy is attached. ??? ???
organizations:MoveAccount Moves an account from its current source parent root or OU to the specified destination parent root or OU. ??? ???
organizations:RemoveAccountFromOrganization Removes the specified account from the organization. ??? ???
organizations:UpdateOrganizationalUnit Renames the specified organizational unit (OU). ??? ???
organizations:UpdatePolicy Updates an existing policy with a new name, description, or content. ??? ???
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