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Static Website: Image optimization

Works together with

Optimizes .png, .jpg, and .jpeg images and enerates .webp images at the edge.

Installation Guide

Requires Node.js v10!

cd lambda-src
docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/var/task lambci/lambda:build-nodejs10.x npm ci --production
cd ..
aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation package --s3-bucket $BUCKET_NAME --template-file lambdaedge-img-optimize.yaml --output-template-file .lambdaedge-img-optimize.yaml
aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation deploy --template-file .lambdaedge-img-optimize.yaml --stack-name lambdaedge-img-optimize --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

Copy the OriginRequestLambdaEdgeFunctionVersionARN output of the stack and use it with static-website/static-website.

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