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The game server that provides chat and hosting of games.
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The game server that provides chat and hosting of games for Widelands.

For information about the used network protocol, see the file src/network/internet_gaming_protocol.h in the Widelands sources at


  1. Install Go.
  2. cd $GOPATH
  3. go get
  4. cd src/
  5. make


  1. make cross
  2. scp $GOPATH/bin/linux_amd64/wl* over to the server and replace the files in /usr/local/bin/.
  3. sudo restart wlnetrelay. This will also restart the metaserver.
  4. Check in /var/log/upstart/wlmetaserver.log and /var/log/upstart/wlnetrelay.log that the restarts were successful.

Testing locally

  1. $GOPATH/bin/wlnr. This starts the relay server for hosting games.
  2. $GOPATH/bin/wlms. This starts the server with an empty in memory user database.
  3. Edit ~/.widelands/config and add the line metaserver="localhost" before launching widelands.
  4. Launch Widelands and click on internet game.
  5. Do not forget to remove the metaserver line once you want to play on the real metaserver again.
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