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Widen Developer Relations

Build Status

Spread the love.


Ruby, RubyGems, and Bundler.

Getting Started

git clone
bundle install
jekyll serve --drafts

Add a post

Start posting easily with the following make commands:

  • To create a new post: make createPost title="this is my new post"
  • To create a new draft: make createDraft title="this is my new draft post"

If you wish to post using a more manual approach, all posts are located in ./_posts. You can manually create a file within that dir:

  • Blog posts must start with their publish date (this can be changed) (i.e., yyyy-mm-dd-{title}.md) (e.g., 2013-12-30-Hello-World!.md)).
  • Blog posts must have YAML front matter.

Example post:

title: This is my post title!!
layout: special-post

And now we start writing..


**All markdown is supported here**, __and will be rendered to proper HTML__.

{{ assign template=liquid }}

Add a page

Pages are located in the project root.

Same rules apply for YAML front matter and markdown support.

Publish to

Simply push to the develop branch, and travis-ci will re-deploy the site, making your changes live within minutes. If you do not want your changes to go live yet, create a branch off of develop and push to this new branch. Once you are ready to make your changes live, merge back into develop and push up to GitHub.