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yiisoft/yii#179 - Updated method documentation regarding usage, per @…

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commit a01eabd97eb28610244b0724d6e4e0bfd7f6a216 1 parent 1b0bc9d
@intel352 intel352 authored
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  1. +3 −0  framework/logging/CLogger.php
3  framework/logging/CLogger.php
@@ -234,6 +234,9 @@ public function getMemoryUsage()
* If no filter is specified, the returned results would be an array with each element
* being array($token,$category,$time).
* If a filter is specified, the results would be an array of timings.
+ *
+ * Since 1.1.11, filtering results by category supports the same format used for filtering logs in
+ * {@link getLogs}, and similarly supports filtering by multiple categories and wildcard.
* @param string $token token filter. Defaults to null, meaning not filtered by token.
* @param string $categories category filter. Defaults to null, meaning not filtered by category.
* @param boolean $refresh whether to refresh the internal timing calculations. If false,

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