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#Developer Tools extension to auto save script/css files to SharePoint on the fly


It is the quickest way to change and test content files of your SharePoint App. In addition it might be a good opportunity to fix some js/css bugs without need to deploy scripts using Visual Studio or provide new package of the app.

###Key features:

  • Cntrl+s forces js/css to be rewritten;
  • Allows modifying SharePoint 2013 App content from the host web;
  • Allows to automatically check-out js/css documents if "Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited" SPList option is True;
  • Allows quick creation of sample js and css files by executing SPush(typeOrUrl) in console (see sample video in Links below):
    • SPush('css') - creates empty style.css and automatically load to current page;
    • SPush('') - creates empty mystyle.css by provided url and automatically load to current page;
    • SPush('js') - creates empty script.js and automatically load to current page;
    • SPush('') - creates empty myscript.js by provided url and automatically load to current page;
    • Default library for sample css/js files is 'SiteAssets'. You can change it from SPush sidebar inside DevTools sources tab. (relative web library Url should be used)

Tested under SharePoint 2010+ (JSOM) on-prem.

I hope this simple tool will save your time!


###Links SPush in Chrome Store

Video: SPush+SPTabs

###Change Log 0.63

  • Fixed bug with saving in not root site collection.


  • Fixed issue with relative URL while editing scripts of apps from the host web.


  • DevTools error logging added.


  • JSLink save issue is fixed.


  • solved issue with saving files with comments and other spec chracters;
  • 'style%20library' decoding issue is fixed.


  • SPush(typeOrUrl) help file creation method is implemented;
  • 'Library url' configureation is added.


  • Logo is changed


  • Fixed issue which quick snippet SPush('js') on sub-webs;
  • Removed dependencies from OOB SharePoint load css/js methods.

###Known issues

  • When you change your css from Elements panel using Styles SidebarPane, chrome automatically fires Cntrl+S, so your css is automaticall saved.
  • SPush(typeOrUrl) might not load js/css to DevTools source tab when use not in list forms.
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