Lightweight Open Source Business Intelligence and reporting tool for mongodb, postgresql, Mysql, MS sql, oracle, & google bigQuery allow users create their own reports just dragging and dropping, widestage also has a data governance layer AKA semantic layer
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Lightweight Business Intelligence tool for reporting mongodb, postgresql, Mysql, & MS sql data

To see how it works go to

Supported databases




MS SQL Server

Oracle (1)

Google Big Query




mongodb is used to store the widestage metadata, you have to install it even if you are not going to explore mondodb data.




Install nodejs (mandatory)

Install mongodb (mandatory)

mongodb can be installed in a different server, if so, configure the connection in the /server/config.js production environment.

Install npm (mandatory)

Install bower (mandatory)

Install forever (optional)

clone the github repository

git clone

get into the widestage folder

download and install the npm libraries

npm install

download and install the bower libraries be sure you choose the angular 1.5.5 when pointed to choose otherwise it will install 1.6.4 and widestage is not compatible with that version yet, also to be sure you can run bower install angular#1.5.5 --save

bower install

Oracle connections

If you are going to use oracle connections, first you need to install in your server the Oracle instant client and then run:

npm install oracledb 

( more info )

Starting up the widestage server

node server.js

if you downloaded the forever package run:
    forever start "your_path_to_widestage/server.js"

to see if is running:
    forever list

point your browser to your ip/server name

enter the credentials

user name: administrator

password: widestage


License GPL 3.0