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Choosing a chart

The Graphic Continuum. Poster taxonomy of different types of charts, and how they all relate to each other.

Graphic Continuum preview

A Taxonomy of Data Visualization

A Tour through the Visualization Zoo by Jeffrey Heer, Michael Bostock, and Vadim Ogievetsky

Chart chooser diagram (classical charts)

chart chooser preview

Data Visualization: Modern Approaches

Designing Effective Tables and Graphs by Stephen Few, with a Graph Selection Matrix

Graphics cheat sheet (pdf)

Graphics cheat sheet preview

Patterns for Information Visualization

Types of information visualisation

types preview

Introduction to Data Visualization: Visualization Types

The data visualisation catalogue, by function

dataviz catalogue preview

Subject specific

Tree - A Visual Bibliography of Tree Visualization 2.0 by Hans-Jörg Schulz

treevis preview


Text Visualization Browser

textvis preview


Maps gallery


The TimeViz Browser - A Visual Survey of Visualization Techniques for Time-Oriented Data

Worth a mention

Gallery of Data Visualisation, covering bright ideas, graphical excellence and visual delights

Head to pinterest and search for boards with visualisation in their name. For instance, my board

If you don't mind reading academic literature

A Survey on Information Visualization: Recent Advances and Challenges


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