JavaScript client library for the Widgetic API
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Client Library for the Widgetic API

This is a JavaScript client library for the Widgetic API, written in CoffeeScript, suitable for use in most browsers.


In the browser

This library is available at so add the following script tag in the head section of your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


The documentation is available on the Widgetic Documentation website.

The library exposes a global Widgetic variable that you can use to interact with the SDK's functions.

The first step is to initialize the SDK with your Widgetic app_id and redirect_url:

Widgetic.init('<app_id here>','<redirect_url here>');

After this step you can login using the Widgetic.auth() function.

You can pass a Boolean parameter that indicates if a popup should be opened or you just want to check if user is logged in. Default will open popup.

This has promise support built-in using the aye library.

//Check if user is logged in
Widgetic.auth(false).then(function(){/*handle success*/},function(){/*handle fail*/});
//Open popup to login user
Widgetic.auth().then(function(){/*handle success*/},function(){/*handle fail*/});

After user is logged in you call the Widgetic API using Widgetic.api(url,method,data). This function returns a promise. For example if you want to grab user info:

Widgetic.api('users/me').then(function(data){/*handle success*/},function(error){/*handle fail*/});