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Zend Framework 2 module adding integration with Facebook php-sdk
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FacebookBundle - NOT MAINTAINED.


FacebookBundle is simple integration with Facebook php-sdk library.

P.S. Sorry for my english. If You wish to help me with this project or correct my english description - You are welcome :)



  1. cd my/project/directory
  2. Create a composer.json file with following content:
    "require": {
        "widmogrod/zf2-facebook-module": "dev-master"
  1. Run php composer.phar install
  2. Open my/project/folder/configs/application.config.php and add 'FacebookBundle' to your 'modules' parameter.

How to use

// in controller
$this->getLocator()->get('facebook') // Facebook object

How to setup

return array(

     * Is not required IF 'di->instance->facebook' config section is set.
     * User configuration layout will be propagated to 'di->instance->facebook' IF 'di->instance->facebook->config' is not set.
    'FacebookBundle' => array(
        'setAppIdInHeadScript' => true,

        'appId'                => 'your_app_id',
        'secret'               => 'your_secret',

    'di' => array(
        'instance' => array(
            'alias' => array(
                'facebook' => 'Facebook',

             * Is not required, IF 'FacebookBundle' config section is set.
            'facebook' => array(
                'config' => array(
                    'appId'                => 'your_app_id',
                    'secret'               => 'your_secret',
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