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Combine data from multiple dump1090 receivers into one dump1090
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Combine data from multiple dump1090 receivers (or other receivers providing beast protocol data)

Does not interfere with an already configured dump1090-fa but instead creates another instance with its own webinterface at /combine1090

On how to install dump1090-fa please scroll down to the end of this page.


sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"


wget -O /tmp/
sudo bash /tmp/


Edit /etc/default/combine1090 to configure which IP addresses this script should get the ADS-B data from

sudo nano /etc/default/combine1090

Ctrl-x to exit, y (yes) to save when asked. Then restart combine1090:

sudo systemctl restart combine1090

Install data redirection only

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"

Configure SOURCES (source ips), PORTs (source ports) and TARGET (target ip and port) in /etc/default/combine1090. There will be no dedicated dump1090-fa started as a target for data redirection, you need to provide that target yourself. Also as there is no extra dump1090-fa there will be no extra web page or lighttpd configuration.

View the map:

Click the following URL and replace the IP address with the IP address of the Raspberry Pi you installed combine1090 on.


sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"

Questions? FAQ!

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