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libmaia is a easy-to-use XML-RPC library for Qt!

compiling libmaia


Qt Datatypes

Allowed types for Argument and Return Values:

C++/Qt-Types	XMLRPC-Types
* int           <int></int>
* bool          <bool></bool>
* double        <double></double>
* QString       <string></string>
* QDateTime     <datetime.iso8601></datetime.iso8601>
* ByteArray     <base64></base64>
* QVariant      <nil/>                                (non standard)
* QVariantMap   <struct></struct>
* QVariantList  <array></array>

using libmaia

  1. qmake: your Project file (.pro) should contain

    INCLUDEPATH += /path/to/libmaia
    LIBS += /path/to/libmaia/libmaia.a
    QT   += xml network
  2. in your header file include

     #include "maiaXmlRpcClient.h"

    and / or

     #include "maiaXmlRpcServer.h"
  3. create object


     MaiaXmlRpcServer *server = new MaiaXmlRpcServer(8080, this);


     MaiaXmlRpcClient *client = new MaiaXmlRpcClient(QUrl("http://localhost:8080/RPC2"), this);
  4. register a method

    your method has to be a Qt Slot.

     // example method:
     QString MyClass::myMethod(int param1, QString param2) {
     	if(param1 > 5)
     		return param2;
     		return "not bigger than 5";
     // register it:
     // "example.methodName" <- used to identify the method over xml-rpc
     // this <- pointer to the class which contains the method you would export
     // "myMethod" the name of the method
     server->addMethod("example.methodName", this, "myMethod");
  5. call a method

    when calling a method you need three things:

    1. a Slot for the MethodResponse
    2. a Slot for the FaultResponse
    3. a QVariantList containig the arguments for the RPC-Method

    example code:

     void MyClientClass::myResponseMethod(QVariant &arg) {
     	// do something with the arg
     void MyClientClass::myFaultResponse(int error, const QString &message) {
     	qDebug() << "An Error occoured, Code: " << error << " Message: " << message;
     QVariantList args;
     args << 5;
     args << "second argument";
     rpcClient->call("example.methodName", args,
     	this, SLOT(myResponseMethod(QVariant&)),
     	this, SLOT(myFaultResponse(int, const QString &)));