CB2 is a complete rewrite of Commons Booking – Wordpress Plugin for management and booking of common goods.
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CommonsBooking 2

CB2 is a complete rewrite of Commons Booking. It is currently under heavy development.

Main reasons for a new code base were:

  • Provide a much more flexible booking system, that can adapt to diverse scenarios.
  • Create a Database structure that allows for multiple bookings per day (though the booking functionality will not be implemented in CB2.0, possible for a future version).
  • Re-Structure the code and allow to create an API to connect CB instances.
  • Many feature requests were not possible with the old codebase.

For design docs, db structure etc, please see the WIKI. For current progress, see the project

The way forward (for current Commons Booking users)

  • There will be no more feature updates for CB 0.X
  • Your issues in the CB 1.0 project are not forgotten, we´ll migrate them once we get the base plugin ready.
  • Eventually CB 2.0 will include a migration tool, so you can update to the new system.


We are looking for developers, translators and people willing to beta-test new features.

Please contact @flegfleg.

Building Commons Booking 2

We are finishing up the DB structure right now, we will update this page as soon as we have an alpha


Clone & install dependencies

  • Goto wp-content/plugins
  • Clone (or fork) $ git clone https://github.com/wielebenwir/commons-booking-2.git
  • Install dependencies: $ composer install & $ npm install

Install DB tables

Currently, the plugin has no installer that creates the necessary database tables, or interface to create slot_templates (used for multiple bookings per day).

For now, just* import this sql file into your db:

*If you don´t use the standad wp database prefix (wp_), you need to adjust the file before import.


  • Navigate to Plugins->Installed Plugins and activate Commons Booking

Using Grunt

  • Run $ grunt watch to compile scss and javascript for both front- and backend.

Supported by

CB 2.0

CB 1.0

For a full list of supporters of CB 1.0, see the CB 1.0 repo.