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A helper for using KindleFeeder

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KindleFeeder helper

What it does

You like what KindleFeeder offers, but do not want to click the button to schedule the push to your Amazon Kindle?
This helper can, if you set it up on a system owned by you, cover this task for you.


  • Download the files and place them on a box with internet connection and capability for schedules tasks
  • Add _config.php file specifying your KindleFeeder username and password to the directory
  • Setup a cron job to run the script every 24 hours or so


Using a script like this may or may not violate the KindleFeeder terms of use. Sure thing, that the guys at KindleFeeder are not going to be very happy about it.
If you have the money and think that their piece of software makes your day brighter, buy an account !

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