Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script for DOEPFER Pocket Dial
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DOEPFER Pocket Dial as a native Control Surface in Ableton Live

Current version is 0.3 – released July 6, 2014.

What is it?

This MIDI Remote Script adds support for the DOEPFER Pocket Dial as a native Control Surface in Ableton Live – with a scrollable red-box, yay!

It currently supports:

  • Bank 1: Mixer – Volume/Pan
  • Bank 2: Mixer – Sends A/B
  • Bank 3: Mixer – Sends C/D
  • Bank 4: Device & Track Ctrl

More information can be found on the project’s homepage.

Getting started

Download and install the MIDI Remote Script (see Installation).

On the Pocket Dial, select Preset 85 (Reaktor 0-15 Mchn) by setting the DIP selector to 00101010. Make sure, the Pocket Dial sends on channel 1 – press the CHN-Button and turn encoder 1 to set the global MIDI channel to 1.

Bank 1-3 control 8 Tracks. Bank 4 controls current device and current track:

  • Device (Encoder 1-4, 9-12)
  • Volume (13)
  • Pan (5)
  • Send A (6)
  • Send B (14)
  • Send C (7)
  • Scroll Redbox (8)
  • Selected Track (16)


This work is licensed under the "Simplified BSD License" / "FreeBSD License" see License.txt

System Requirements

Ableton Live 8 or 9


Download from and unzip.

  1. Stop Live if it is running.

  2. Add Pocket_Dial to Ableton Live’s MIDI Remote Scripts

    The folder Pocket_Dial contains the MIDI Remote Script. To install, open Finder and locate the Ableton Live-application, right click on Live and choose show package contents. In there go to the folder Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/ and move the folder Pocket_Dial in there.

  3. Start Live.

  4. Enable Pocket_Dial as a Control Surface in Live

    In Live’s Preferences go to the MIDI Sync tab and select Pocket Dial in the dropdown list of available Control Surfaces. As MIDI Input select the MIDI interface the Pocket Dial is connected to. A MIDI Output is not needed.


Version 0.3 (released July 6, 2014)

Updated for Live 9
Changed layout
Changed PocketDial preset from 111 to 85, because of CC 123 not working in Live

Version 0.2 (released Sep 30, 2013)

Updated for Live 9

Version 0.1 (released Dec 22, 2011)

First public release.