@sophron sophron released this Jul 3, 2015 · 610 commits to master since this release

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The actual first release of the tool happened on Jan 5 2015. Bugs have been tackled since then. I consider this a maintenance release (1.1) after the major release (1.0) that happened back then.

  • Fixed compatibility with systems defaulting to python3. [@jaseg]
  • Fixed bug with undefined variable (#7). [@yasoob]
  • Fixed concatenation error. [@HassenPy]
  • Code cleaning. [@yasoob]
  • Added connection-reset template. [@shelt]
  • PEP8 fixes [@HassenPy]
  • Disallowed the usage of an Internet-connected interface for the Access Point as this would reset IP addressing. [@sophron]
  • Fixed the bug with the empty password (#97). [@sophron]
  • Code restructure. [@sophron]
  • Catched exception when another process is listening to one of our ports. [@sophron]
  • Output a message when hostapd cannot be installed. [@HassenPy]
  • Added support for Pineapple's DD-WRT. [@tgalyean]