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Commits on Dec 6, 2014
  1. Dan Morrison

    Added a couple of classes we can re-use through the field admin UI. A…

    dman-coders authored
    …lso adjusted the specificity of the field margins to not always assume the 'fences' module markup
  2. Dan Morrison
  3. Dan Morrison
  4. Dan Morrison
  5. superspring
  6. superspring
  7. superspring
  8. superspring
  9. superspring

    Task: "Verify website with BING"

    superspring authored
    Adding BingSiteAuth.xml file to document root.
  10. superspring

    Merge branch '7.34'

    superspring authored
  11. superspring
  12. superspring
  13. superspring
  14. superspring
  15. superspring
  16. superspring
  17. superspring
  18. superspring
Commits on Nov 19, 2014
  1. David Rothstein

    Drupal 7.34

    DavidRothstein authored
Commits on Nov 7, 2014
  1. David Rothstein

    Drupal 7.33

    DavidRothstein authored
  2. David Rothstein
  3. David Rothstein

    Issue #2282541 by David_Rothstein, nod_: Followup to restore previous…

    DavidRothstein authored
    … behavior in which the "Hide summary" click handler in text.js returned FALSE.
Commits on Nov 5, 2014
  1. David Rothstein

    Issue #2307505 by Cottser, David_Rothstein, Fabianx: Followup to ensu…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …re all theme debug output is properly sanitized.
  2. David Rothstein
  3. David Rothstein
  4. David Rothstein

    Issue #1355526 by cafuego, jenlampton: Added a way to determine the d…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …ate a module was added so the modules page can use it for sort.
  5. David Rothstein

    Issue #892344 by amitgoyal, tstoeckler, hussainweb, pcambra, LaurentA…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …jdnik: Fixed Wrong schema description for {cache_field}.
  6. David Rothstein
  7. David Rothstein
  8. David Rothstein
  9. David Rothstein

    Issue #2310415 by cilefen, ednawig, TravisCarden: Fixed …

    DavidRothstein authored
    …does not handle the error when invalid test groups/classes are specified.
  10. David Rothstein

    Issue #393538 by Liam Morland, valthebald, dmitrig01, David_Rothstein…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …: Document that check_plain() can issue PHP messages on invalid UTF-8 input.
  11. David Rothstein

    Issue #1338966 by geerlingguy, loganfsmyth, lokapujya: Fixed Introduc…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …e _rdf_mapping_load_multiple to reduce queries.
  12. David Rothstein

    Issue #1069152 by droplet, alexandrezia, Mixologic, jhedstrom, David_…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …Rothstein | ogi: Fixed Throbber in textfield is misaligned when browser hardware acceleration enabled (followup for Bartik RTL styling).
  13. David Rothstein

    Issue #863594 by David_Rothstein, smussbach, mbrett5062: Fixed Strang…

    DavidRothstein authored
    …e first paragraph in the installer database error message.
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