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Getting Started

Step 1: Get prerequisites

You are going to need following tools:

You can verify your installation by running the following in a Terminal window:

$ git --version
git version 2.17.1
$ node -v
$ npm -v

Step 2: Download Sample Project

We have provided a simple sample to get you started. In the Terminal window run following command to clone the sample repository to your local machine:

git clone

Step 3: Build and Run

Change to the directory that holds the sample:

cd nodejs-mqtt-client-demo

You need to install the dependencies to build the sample. Run the following command:

npm install

Wait for a while. Once it is finished, you can run the app:

node src/index.js

When the app starts, it displays WiiHey DaaS Client Started in the terminal window.

$ node src/index.js 
WiiHey DaaS Client Started
Connected to WiiHey DaaS Platform

Appendix: Configure APP-ID and APP-KEY

Should you receive APP-ID and APP-KEY when purchasing WiiHey product. You will need configure them in the code in order to receive messages properly.

Please find following code in src/index.js and modify accordingly.

// Please change APP_ID and APP_KEY to those provided by WiiHey Customer Service
var APP_ID = "demo";
var APP_KEY = "demo123";

Appendix: Work with Devices

When Device sends message to WiiHey DaaS Platform, you may see output like this:

Received: {"DeviceID":"3","State":"close","BatteryLevel":9971,"CSQ":31,"IMEI":"868575022027272","CCID":"89860414111890171008","Timestamp":1529997979}