NodeJS + NowJS + KnockoutJS + a little magic = Live UI
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KnockoutLive v0.3.1

KnockoutLive allows you to sync a KnockoutJS viewModel with other Clients in realtime.

Stay tuned for version 0.4!

Lots of changes have gone into this library since I first wrote it.

Updated version of NodeJS

Updated version of KnockoutJS to 1.3

No more need for jQuery and jQuery templates, so file size is way down on this release.

More extensive functionality and api to access server and client functions.

Lots of other goodies too that will come with this release, so stay tuned!


  • v0.3.1

    • Simpler server setup, library almost ready to be integrated into existing servers
    • Much better request routing (previously set listeners will run on the http server response)
  • v0.3

    • KnockoutLive now renders the necessary javascript from the Node server, comes packaged with the latest jQuery, jQuery Templates and KnockoutJS, file is cached after first load
    • Library is one step closer before I release it as an npm install, until then knockoutserver.js uses node-knockoutlive.js as the NPM library


** KnockoutLive comes compiled with jQuery, jQuery Template, and KnockoutJS **