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Tiramisu Environment |

This is a environment to be loaded with the EnvironmentLoader.

It's recommended to coldboot into EnvironmentLoader (and Tiramisu) via the PayloadLoader. Check the repository out for more information.

Whats Tiramisu

Tiramisu is modular legacy environment for the Wii U. The automatically runs a CFW (modified version of Mocha), allows you to boot the homebrew channel and provides a autoboot menu. Paired with the PayloadLoader it's a free and modular CBHC alternative, with some extra features like full support for the quickstart menu of the Gamepad and blocking updates.



  • Place the 00_mocha.rpx from Mocha in the sd:/wiiu/environments/tiramisu/modules/setup folder.
  • Place the 50_hbl_installer.rpx from the Homebrew Launcher installer in the sd:/wiiu/environments/tiramisu/modules/setup folder.
  • Place the homebrew_launcher.elf from Homebrew Launcher in the sd:/wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher folder.
  • Place the 99_autoboot.rpx from the AutobootModule in the sd:/wiiu/environments/tiramisu/modules/setup folder.
  • (optional) Place any additional setup modules into sd:/wiiu/environments/tiramisu/modules/setup like Bloopair or USBSerialLogger.

On the first boot the autboot menu will open, navigate with the gamepad to the title you want to launch.

  • Press Y to select autoboot title.
  • Hold START (+) on the Gamepad while launching the environment to force open the autoboot menu.#


A bundle with all files can be downloaded here.


  • Maschell (EnvironmentLoader, HBLInstallerWrapper, MochaPayload, PayloadLoader + PayloadLoaderInstaller, AutobootModule, ...)
  • GaryOderNichts (AutobootModule, PayloadLoaderInstaller)
  • dimok (mocha / homebrew launcher)
  • pwsincd (logo)