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@wijnand-suijlen wijnand-suijlen released this Feb 16, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

This is a complete rewrite of BSPonMPI v0.2/v0.3. It conforms better to the original BSPlib specification by Hill et al. (1998) but optionally also provides MulticoreBSP for C compatibility. Better internal parameter checking should make debugging of BSPlib programs easier. What MPI communication routines -- MPI_Alltoall, MPI_Irecv/MPI_Irsend, or MPI_Put/MPI_Fence -- are used is configurable in order to allow adaptation to the MPI implementation. Compression of request meta-data ensures better scalability of communication patterns with many small requests. This release has been tested on macOS Mojave, CentOS 7, FreeBSD 12.0, Debian 9, Ubuntu 18.04, and Windows 10. It has also been tested on the Top500 supercomputer Cartesius from SURFsara using Intel MPI 5.0.3 and IBM Platform MPI 9.1.4 on up to 512 cores (16 nodes). It has also been reported to work on Cori from NERSC using Cray MPI.

Acknowledgements I would like to thank Rob Bisseling who has tested BSPonMPI v1.0 on Cori and made some compute time on Cartesius available for extensive testing.

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