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forked from superlumic/superlumic-config

This is the default configuration "role" for "superlumic". You will want to fork this one and create your own "username.yml". Use the roles folder to create "profiles".

Updated Feb 10, 2016

Shell 0 21


forked from superlumic/superlumic

Superlumic is a light utility wrapper around Ansible to ease the automated install of OSX 10.10 and higher.

Updated Feb 10, 2016


forked from superlumic/ansible-role-php

Ansible role to install PHP on OSX. This role is part of the Superlumic project that aims to simplify repeat computer setups on OSX, 10.10 and up.

Updated Oct 31, 2015


forked from chef/bento

Packer definitions for building minimal Vagrant baseboxes

Updated Jul 16, 2015


forked from openminds/sneakers

Sneakers is a simple, fast way to mimick Openminds Shared and Cloud hosting environments using vagrant/virtualbox, and provisioned by Chef.

Updated Dec 17, 2013


Collection of front-end snippets

Updated Dec 1, 2013

Shell 3 2


Updated Feb 12, 2013

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