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A high-performance, one-bed house design
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MicroHouse is a high-performance, one-bed house type, designed using the WikiHouse building system. It uses WikiHouse products WREN and SPARROW. It has been designed primarily for use in the UK, but could also be adapted for other countries and regions. The home can be largely self-assembled, and costs around £37-45k GBP to produce.

These files are also intended as starter files for architects, designers, engineers and others interested in getting to know how to use the WikiHouse WREN system within a full design.

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_Project Engine: contains specification, costing/quantity information, and overall dimensions of the Microhouse design

_AssemblyManual: Detailed guide on how to put the whole thing together

_othercomponents_v0.5.dxf: Additional CNC cutting files for other components, such as fit-out furniture using SPARROW and cladding panels.

_WRENchassis_v0.5.dxf: Complete CNC cutting files for the building's structural chassis

_microhouse_0.5.skp: Sketchup 3D Model of the complete design including cladding, fitout and services

_microhouse_0.5_chassis.skp: Sketchup 3D Model of the Wikihouse structural chassis

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Microhouse by wikihouseproject on Sketchfab

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