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Source Code, Literature and Demo for submission to the Unite-Ideas OpenCI Platform Challenge 2019
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Wikilimo: A ‘kilimo’ tool built by everyone

Winning Submission for the Unite-Ideas Open Climate Informatics Challenge, 2019.

Wikilimo is an online-offline platform to provide farmers with actionable insights (weather alerts, pest information, market rates, subsidies), P2P chat and agricultural planning from crowd-sourced & expert-backed information.

Sign up for updates and find out more details at

This repo hosts:

Built with:

, , , , , Android Studio, Firebase, Lucid Chart, Typeform, Africa’s Talking API, Flaticons, Google Cloud Platform, Open Weather Map API, ☕️ and 💛.

User Guide

Step 1. To clone this repository, run:
git clone <this repo>
Step 2. To run the prototype application on an android device:
  1. Go to security settings and disable Google Play Protect.
  2. Download and install the Wikilimo.apk file on the device.
Step 3. To explore mobile application source code (currently still in it’s development environment), run:
cd Wikilimo_mobileapp
Then, check this README file for further instructions and a prototype app demo.
Step 4. To explore the offline functionality source code, run:
cd Wikilimo_offline
Then, check this README file for further instructions and demos of SMS/USSD services.

Read contributing guidelines here.


Roshni Biswas Anurag Saha Roy
Roshni Biswas Anurag Saha Roy


Wikilimo is licensed by as per Unite-Ideas OpenCI Challenge 2019 guidelines.

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