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Mailclient written in plain old Java
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During the summer term 2007 we had the task to create a Thunderbird like email client in Java. This here is the collection of my code.

Installation for NetBeans

  • get the source from github
  • extract the => this package contains a Java library for handling emails
  • create a new project under NetBeans and copy all files of the Mail Client directory in the src directory of you NetBeans project
  • then you have to insert the mail.jar file in your project in the following way:
    • click right on Libraries in the near of the view of your NetBeans project and chose Add JAR
    • navigate to javamail-1.4 folder and select the mail.jar
    • when you now select the files and should not show any errors
  • now you have to adopt the paths in the file (static File f, String dir, FileReader file) and GUITree (File driveC, File source, File ziel) to your NetBeans project folder through absolute paths => I know it's cumbersome but due to this date I couldn't do any other
  • set the as the main file in your project and start the program
  • the standard account is MG kontoinfos.kondat which contains the necessary data to access my spam account (you can guess how to change the data)
  • the directory Inbox MG saves all read mails of the user MG, further accounts have to be created each in an own directory
  • is not necessary for the mailclient, this will be used to check the correctness of the POP3 settings via the terminal
  • main cause of error messages:
    • wrong paths to your project
    • POP3 and SMTP
    • mail.jar is not included correct in the project, but this will be shown in NetBeans


Some pics so you have a clue what does it look like:

  • Basic surface of the program
    • basic surface of the program
  • Dialog where you can add new accounts
    • dialog to add new accounts
  • Receive email of an already existing account
    • receive email
  • Window to write a new email
    • write email
  • Drag-and-Drop window to manage emails
    • drag-and-drop emails


Feature request, bugs, questions, etc. can be send to


This software is licensed under the MIT license.

© Matthias Günther

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