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Vim settings

I'm always eager to learn, but I can't remember everything. Here is the list of the plugins I'm using - it is a reminder of the most important commands and settings for each plugin.


$ git clone ~/.vim
$ bash ~/.vim/

Next, start vim and run :PlugInstall - happy vimming!



Create directories that do not exists yet when creating new files (e.g. with e).


Wrap text in block.

  • '<,'>Block ... works even in visual mode
  • ..,..Block ... define a range where you want to have the block


Makes search/replacing in your project a lot easier.

  • <leader>vv|vV ... find word/whole word under the cursor
  • <leader>vr|vR ... perform global search replace of word/whole word under cursor, with confirmation


Semantic autoclose brackets.


Fuzzy finder for your shell as a Vim plugin.


Git wrapper.

  • :Gstatus ... git status
    • <C-n> ... go to the next file
    • <C-p> ... go to the previous file
    • - ... git add/git reset depending where you are in the windows (mark multiple files in visual mode)
    • cc ... make git commit
    • ca ... makes git commit ammend
    • D ... makes diff
    • ds ... makes a horizontal
    • dv ... makes a vertical diff
    • q ... close :Gstatus
    • p ... run git add -p for the current file
  • :Gwrite ... stage the current file to index
  • :Gcommit ... git commit (press wq for send)
  • :Gremove ... git rm
  • :Gmove ... rename the current file and add change to index
  • :Gpush ... performs a git push
  • :Gread ... makes will load the previous file status on the current file buffer
  • :Gdiff ... split the window to see diff
    • ]c ... jump to next hunk of the merge
    • [c ... jump to previous hunk of merge
    • :diffget ... get the changes from the not active window
    • :diffput ... put the changes from the active window to the not active window
    • 3-way diffs:
      • :diffget //LO ... get the changes from left LOCAL (the file from the current branch)
      • :diffget //RE ... get changes from the right REMOTE (the file you are merging into your branch),
      • :diffupdate ... clean up the views when having a file with many conflicts
      • dp ... if you are not in the working copy, you can use this command to put in the changes
      • when done with merging, run :Gwrite and :only! on the working copy to close all the other windows
  • :Gblame ... git blame
    • q ... close blame and return to blamed window
    • o ... opens commit horizontally, leaving blame window open
    • <CR> ... opens commit for currently blame commit, blame window is closed
  • :Git ... perform every other normal git command in the terminal
  • searching:
    • search working copy files: :Ggrep <word>
    • search commit messages: :Glog --grep=fugitive
    • search for words added or removed: Glog -Sadd


A gitk/tig like git browser. It's not maintained anymore.

  • :gitv ... opens only gitv
  • :gitv! ... opens only commits which affects the current file
  • co ... performs a checkout of the commit on the currently focused commit
  • yc ... yanks the SHA of the commit
  • q ... quits gitv
  • :Gitv -S<string> ... look for differences that introduce or remove an instance of
  • custom mappings:
    • nmap <leader>gv :Gitv --all<cr>
    • nmap <leader>gV :Gitv! --all<cr>


Folding by section headings.


Amazing tool for keyword completion.


Adds snippet support for Vim and makes use of neocomplete plugin.

  • NeoSnippetEdit ... edit snippets of the current filetype


Saves yank history includes unite.vim history/yank source.

  • <leader>y ... call the yank window


Nyancat rocks vim

  • :Nyancat ... runs first version of it.
  • :Nyancat2 ... runs the second version.


Open the URI with gx (my custom mapping) in your default browser.


Realtime preview for Markdown, rst, and textile files in your browser while editing.

  • :PrevimOpen ... opens the current file on the browser.


Ranger intergration for vim and neovim.


Browse ri documentation of Ruby files offline.

  • ,r|,R ... opens start/autocomplete window with horizontal|vertical split
  • ,K|K ... opens the search/autocomplete window and prefills it with the keyword under the cursor
  • inside documentation window
    • ,,r ... class/module/autocompletion window
    • - ... goes up from a method page into the parent class/module
    • ,G ... brings you to the README of the Gem if it exists


Performs syntax check on various languages when saving.

  • Options
    • :SyntasticCheck ... runs the syntax checker
    • :SyntasticInfo ... information about the current used syntax checkers and filetypes


Change quotes and all other delimiters.

  • ds" ... stands for delete surround and will delete the surrounds
    • example: { :a => 1 } after pressing ds{ you will get :a => 1
  • cs(" ... change surroundings and will replace the first surrounding argument with the second surrounding
    • example: (:a => 1) after pressing cs({ you will get { :a => 1 }
  • ys ... "you surround" and the first argument specifies the scope (can be a motion) and the second makes the replacement and the second using for wrapping up the first argument with the quotes
    • ys2w ... will wrapp two following words (2w) with underscores (\*)
    • yss{ ... wraps the whole line
    • ysiw ... yank the inner word and in the command window add the tag you want to add
  • how to quote whole string?
    • mark the string in visual mode (either normal mode with v or block mode with V), then press s and then the quote ("", (), {}) you want to have and it wraps the string in this


Lightning fast left-right movement (enhances the f and F command)


Vim comment plugin.

  • gcc ... toogles current line
  • gca ... at comment at end of the line


Insert mode completion for neighbor tmux windows.

  • :Unite tmuxcomplete ... opens a unite menu listing all entries or words from other tmux windows
  • :Unite tmuxcomplete/lines ... opens a unite menu listing all entries or words from other tmux windows with their lines


Display the undo graph for a file.

  • :UndotreeToggle ... turn on or off the toggle feature


A very good and flexible plugin for searching and displaying information.


Playing sounds in Vim.

  • :Unite radio <CR> ... will open the predefined stations
  • :MStop ... will stop the currently played song
  • :MPlay <url> ... play the specified url


A new way to use git in Vim.

  • :Magit ... opens the window
  • N|P ... jumps to the next/previous hunk
  • S ... stage the current selected hunk
    • works even in visual mode!
  • L ... stage the current line
  • F ... stage/unstage the whole file at cursor position
  • E ... will open the file in
  • R ... will refresh the magit window
  • M ... mark the current line for staging and press S to chunk all marked files
  • CC ... prepare for commit and pressing CC again will make the commit
  • CF ... will append the staged files to the previous commit without changing commit message
  • CA ... do a amend where you can change the commit message
  • q ... quit magit


Using ag (silver-searcher) in Vim.

  • :Ags ... search after the word/term
  • <C-n>|<C-p> ... jump to the next/previous match
  • oa|ob ... opens file above/beyond
  • r|R ... jump direct to the next/previous matching
  • q ... closes window
  • u ... print help
  • E ... go into edit mode, but you cannot add lines
  • :AgsAdd ... like like :Ags but append the results to the window
  • :AgsLast ... run the last search


Beautiful status and tab line.


Auto close (X)HTML tags.


Filetype icons for vim.


Auto indent files according to the pattern

  • Mark the area and press Enter => possible patterns are <Space>, =, :, ., |, &, and ,


Automatically adds keywords like end to special constructs for all kinds of languages.


My first light colorscheme for vim.


Transparent editing of gpg encrypted files.


Updates tags file whenever you save a file.


Custom dictionary, thesaurus, and spell checking options for files or when calling a command.

  • <C-x> <C-k> ... opens the dictionary
  • <C-x> <C-t> ... opens the thesaurus
  • <C-n>|<C-p> ... navigate to the next or previous matching
  • custom commands: :BookGerman|:BookEnglish ... will load my customized settings


Lightweight auto correction for 300 words.

Im -> I'm
shouldnt -> shouldn't
thats -> that's


Git branch management.

  • :Merginal ... opens the extra window
  • C|cc ... checkout branch under the cursor
  • M|mm ... does a normal merge
  • mn ...merge the branch under the cursor with --no-ff and a merge commit
  • A ... add a branch from the current checked out branch under the cursor
  • D|dd ... delete branch under the cursor
  • rn ... prompt to rename the branch under the cursor
  • ps ... push the current master on the branch under the cursor
  • pS ... force git push
  • rb ... starting rebase
  • q ... will merging window


Extended Vim standard library needed for vim-notes plugin.


Move lines and selections up and down.


Perfect note taking.

  • :Note ... starts a new note (you can specify the name of the note in the header)
  • :write or :update save the notes
  • :RecentNotes ... overview of the last created changes
  • :RelatedNotes ... shows all notes according to actual heading in the note
  • :SearchNotes <pattern> ... search after all notes containing the specified pattern/word
  • :edit note:<name-of-note> ... you can edit notes (other commands: :split, :tabedit)
  • :NoteFromSelectedText ... create a new node from the selected text
  • :DeleteNote ... deletes the actual note
  • let g:notes_directory = '~/Documents/Notes' ... define the directory where files should be saved
  • it is possible to open notes directly from the command-line with vim notes:collect
  • tags:
    • with @tag you can define own tags (they are useful for searching)
    • :IndexTaggedNotes ... creates new tags (for omnicomplete when @ is pressed)
    • :ShowTaggedNotes ... will show all notes which are specified with a certain tag


Package manager for Vim.

  • :PlugInstall ... installs all the specified
  • :PlugClean ... will remove all not used bundles
  • :PlugUpgrade ... upgrade vim-plug automatically
  • :PlugDiff ... show the latest change commits for your installed plugins


Extract partials for several languages with one keystroke.

  • <leader>x|:PlugExtract ... will move the selected text to the selected
  • :PartialDispose ... will put the contents of the partial in the text and will remove the partial


Configuration files for editing and compiling Ruby - it even adds custom text-objects only for Vim.

  • following commands can performed in visual mode
    • am ... "a method" select from 'def' till 'end'
    • im ... "inner method" select all inside the method exclude 'def' and 'end'
    • aM ... "a class" select from 'class' till 'end'
    • iM ... "inner class" select all inside the class exclude 'class' and 'end'
  • the following commands can only performed normal mode
    • ]m ... move to the beginning of the next method
    • [m ... move to the beginning of the previous method
    • ]] ... move to the beginning of the next module or class definition
    • [[ ... move to the beginning of the previous module or class definition


Easy run your test for various programming languages.

  • :TestNearest ... will only run where cursor location is
  • :TestFile ... will run all tests of the current file
  • :TestLast ... will run the last test again
  • :TestVisit ... jumps to the last executed test


Switch seamlessly between tmux panes and Vim splits.

  • <Ctrl-h> ... Left
  • <Ctrl-j> ... Down
  • <Ctrl-k> ... Up
  • <Ctrl-l> ... Right


For asynchronous command execution (need is used to search for file in bigger projects by the unite.vim plugin).


A very good tool to manage LaTeX files as well as the compilation.

  • \ll ... compiles the tex-file
  • \lv ... opens the document with the specified pdf-viewer
  • :VimtexTocOpen|:VimtexTocToggle ... will open a clickable toc in the left pane (q will close the window)


This software is licensed under the MIT license.

© Matthias Günther