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# Builds .orig.tar.gz file and runs dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot.
# Run with 'compile' as the first argument if you want to remcompile Kafka.
basedir=$(readlink -f $(dirname $0)/..)
cd $basedir
# remove build directory
[ -d $basedir/debian/kafka ] && echo "Removing kafka build directory at $basedir/debian/kafka" && rm -r $basedir/debian/kafka
if [ ${compile} == "compile" -o ! -f $basedir/core/target/scala_2.8.0/kafka-${version}.jar ]; then
echo "Compiling and packaging Kafka before building .deb package."
echo "./sbt update && ./sbt package"
./sbt update && ./sbt package
# create source .orig directory
# echo "Creating source kafka_${version}.orig.tar.gz"
cd $basedir/..
rm -v kafka_${version}*
tar -czf kafka_${version}.orig.tar.gz $(basename $basedir)
# build the .deb
echo "Building .deb package..."
cd $basedir
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot