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Browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.
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Wikimedia developers can use a special HTTP header, X-Wikimedia-Debug, to enable certain debugging features. This Web extension allows you to easily inject the header into Wikimedia HTTP/S requests. Header injection can be toggled via toolbar icon.

You can install it for Firefox, or Chromium.

Release process

Test the release

  • Clone the repository (if not already).

  • Checkout latest origin/master and ensure a clean working copy.

    git remote update
    git checkout origin/master
    # Warning: Deletes any untracked files!
    git clean -dffx
  • For Chrome:

    • Open the extension manager at chrome://extensions/.
    • Ensure any official installation of WikimediaDebug is disabled. (Temporarily)
    • Ensure "Developer mode" is enabled.
    • Use "Load unpacked" to load this directory as an extension.
    • Test the extension and confirm any change in functionality from a recent commit.
  • For Firefox:

    • Open the add-on manage at about:addons (Tools > Add-ons).
    • From the gear menu, click "Debug Add-ons".
    • Use "Load Temporary Add-on..." and navigate to this directory and select the manifest.json file.
    • Test the extension and confirm any change in functionality from a recent commit.

Create the release

  • After having tested the extension and having a clean working copy of origin/master (per the above), update the version in manifest.json (example) and create a commit for this release.

  • Create a signed tag, then push the commit and tag to GitHub.

    git add -p
    git commit -m "Tag X.Y.Z"
    git tag -s X.Y.Z
    git push --follow-tags
  • Create the release on GitHub with a bullet list of changes. (View Tags, then "Create release" for this tag.)

  • Create a ZIP archive of the extension directory.

    git archive -v --format zip -9 -o /tmp/ HEAD

Upload to the Chrome Web Store


  • On the Developer Dashboard, click "Edit" for WikimediaDebug. (Avoid "Add new item", which creates a new extension instead.)
  • Select "Upload Updated Package", then browse to the ZIP archive, upload it.
  • Then, back on the same Edit page, "Publish changes" at the bottom of the page.
  • Done!

Upload to Firefox Add-ons

  • Log in at
  • Open "Manage My Submissions" from the Tool menu.
  • Select "Wikimedia Debug Header".
  • Click "Upload New Version".
  • Click "Select a file..." and select the ZIP archive, then continue.
  • When asked for release notes, use the same bullet list as used for the release log on GitHub.
  • Done!
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