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How to contribute

We welcome and appreciate pull requests from everyone.

You can participate in many ways. The documentation is available in a Git repository with the design assets needed for your project. You can get all of them, change anything and send the changes back.

Setting up

Fork, then clone the repo:

$ git clone

Setup your system. Change to the cloned folder and let npm package manager install needed packages. Make sure you have npm installed beforehand.

$ npm install

Make your changes. To automatically watch for changes, run:

$ npm run start

Make sure the tests pass and the CSS for production is built:

$ npm run test
$ npm run build

Get the design repository

The Wikimedia Design Style Guide repository is available to download. It contains this documentation, Sketch and SVG templates and other resources. Select the “clone or download” button to get the repository.

Commit changes

Easily contribute to the content of the style guide by adding new recommendations, making corrections or adding examples in the form of images or videos:

If you have Git installed on your system, cloning is preferred way to get the contents since it allows you to contribute back.

In order to publish the updated contents to be available live, go to the repo and launch the following command from a terminal: git push -f origin your-branch. It will be reviewed in a timely manner and merged accordingly.

Please add specific topics into a single commit and also take into account the Wikimedia commit message guidelines.

Push to your fork and submit a pull request

In order for the pushed changes to be available live, members of Wikimedia design review them first, provide feedback and put them on the production server as final step.

Contribute beyond content

You can also help to improve how this documentation looks and works.

When modifying aspects such as the CSS styling you'll need to rebuild the production files using Grunt (which requires Node.js and npm). The first time you have to run npm install in a terminal from the style guide's main folder in order to get all necessary dependencies. To rebuild the CSS files after changing them in you just need to launch the grunt command in a terminal, also from the main folder.

We're using stylelint to ensure the CSS aligns with our coding conventions.

These requirements provide our contributors a reliable environment and our viewers a performant experience.

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