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Wikipedia Mobile is a collaborative project released under the
GNU General Public License v2. We would like to recognize the
following names for their contribution to the product.
== Developers ==
Anis Kadri
Antoine Musso
Arthur Richards
Brion Vibber
Chris McKee
Dave Johnson
Derk-Jan Hartman
Gord Tanner
Herm Wong
Jan Christiansen
Janardan Yri
Jeroen De Dauw
Joe Bowser
Jon Robson
Kshitij Deo
Manfred Hund
Niklas Laxström
Patrick Hayes
Patrick Reilly
Sam Reed
Shravan Aras
Siebrand Mazeland
Soumya Deb
Suyash Joshi
Thomas PT
Tim Kim
Tomasz Finc
Yohei Shimomae
== Included external works ==
Wikipedia Mobile builds upon many Open Source works including:
* PhoneGap, Apache License 2.0,
* ShareKit, MIT License,
** ShareKit includes pre-compiled work from:
*** Jon Crosby (OAuthConsumer MIT License
*** Facebook (FBConnect Apache License v2
*** John Engelhart (JSONKit BSD License or Apache License v2
*** Lukhnos D. Liu (Objective Flickr MIT License
*** Sam Soffes (SSKeychain MIT License
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