Added Support for Building PlayBook #120

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Still todo:

  • add building for handset devices (should be easy)
  • build instructions

I can add these before or after you handle this pull request.


I'll let one of the other devs jump in on the actual code review but it would be great if you joined us on irc #wikimedia-mobile (freenode) so that you can hack with us on the app.


There Seems to be some issues with rendering the app on the playbook 2.0 OS:


I updated my playbook to v2 and have reproduced this as well. I am going to look into the rendering issue but everything appears to work fine on the currently shipping PlayBook OS

@gtanner gtanner removed permissions that didn't appear needed, updated viewport to fi…
…x scaling issue on PlayBook 2.0 and added build instructions for PlayBook

I tested this on playbook 1.0 and 2.0. It looks like the playbook 2.0 scales in the content by default which was causing the weird zooming effect we were seeing.


Updated code to latest and added ability to build to handsets.

Things all seem to work nice on the playbook except for sharing. I am going to take a better look into what the share plugin is doing and see if I can do that in pure javascript for the playbook or create a webworks extension in AIR.

There seems to be some scaling issues on the HandSets, I have only done some quick testing on my P9981, so it may work on some other devices. There problably is some work to include the correct phonegap.js file and to detect that we are on BlackBerry. Basically the same work done to platform-stub in 4063d92


Awesome work. We only have one playbook right now so give us a bit more time to test this pull request.


I'll be looking over this and seeing if we can get it running on our PlayBook this week. :D


Testing merged to current trunk... so far I can build the app for Playbook and can send it to the simulator running in VMWare Fusion; haven't quite got it working to the real device yet but it looks encouraging. :)

Sections aren't hiding correctly but that looks like a regression on master, it does the same in Safari -- need to check on that.

No menu/toolbar currently which means you can't get to all the features (near me, save/history, etc) but that may need porting from the web/ios file. Basic searching and loading seems to work. That's all a good sign. :D

@brion brion merged commit 5e368c8 into wikimedia:master Mar 7, 2012

Have gone ahead and merged this, will continue to work on the Playbook build in master. :D


I can build and run in the simulator (emulator? whichever one runs in VMWare) but I'm having a whole lot of trouble getting anything to run on the actual device.

I think I've correctly created and installed a debug token, but attempting to install with blackberry-deploy gives:

/Developer/SDKs/Research\ In\ Motion/BlackBerry\ WebWorks\ SDK\ for\ TabletOS\ -installApp -password -device -package build/
Info: Sending request: Install
Info: Action: Install
Info: File size: 1111742
Info: Installing ...
Info: Processing 1111742 bytes
result::failure 881 application author does not match debug token author

I've tried adding an element into the config.xml containing 'Wikimedia Foundation' -- which appears to be what is listed as author in the debug token, according to the settings/security/development screen on the PlayBook -- but this doesn't seem to help.

Any ideas or hints? I find a few Google hits for this sort of error but they're mostly about things with non-ascii characters which doesn't help me.


Ok, managed to rebuild it with the debug key and get it installed. :D

Starting to put bugs/issues into the tracker:

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