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Blackberry & Playbook build instructions!

== Prerequisites ==

* Mac or Windows machine (only tested Mac)
* Blackberry Tablet OS SDK
* request debug/signing keys

On Mac, SDK stuff will install into /Developer/SDKs/Research In Motion/*really long directory name*

Most of the binaries are under:
/Developer/SDKs/Research\ In\ Motion/BlackBerry\ WebWorks\ SDK\ for\ TabletOS\

The 'bbwp' binary is under:
/Developer/SDKs/Research\ In\ Motion/BlackBerry\ WebWorks\ SDK\ for\ TabletOS\

The '' file which you must edit is under:
/Developer/SDKs/Research\ In\ Motion/BlackBerry\ WebWorks\ SDK\ for\ TabletOS\

== How to set up debug key on the computer? ==

Get the .csj files that were e-mailed to you and:

blackberry-signer -register -csjpin <csj pin> 
    -storepass <KeystorePassword> <client-RDK-xxxxxx.csj file> 
    <client-PBDT-xxxxx.csj file>

YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE. If you mess it up you may need to request more keys.
Key files get stuffed into ~/Library/Research In Motion

"csj pin" is the PIN (not a number, but alphanumeric) that you specified when requesting
the key signing setup. "KeystorePassword" is a password you make up for the keystore.
I'll be honest, I used the same for both and got it to work.

== How to create debug token? ==

blackberry-debugtokenrequest -storepass <KeystorePassword> 
    -devicepin <PIN tablet> <>

The PIN is findable on the 'About' settings screen, under 'Hardware'; it's a hex number.

== How to set up Playbook ==

Set up development mode in settings
* settings -> Security -> Development Mode

If it doesn't have a password you'll have to set it. You'll use this on the command line
when manipulating the device, as well as when logging into/unlocking the device itself.

=== How to install debug token on device? ===

blackberry-deploy -installDebugToken <path to debug token> 
    -device <IP address of tablet> -password <tablet password>

You can find the tablet's IP address from the development mode notification icon.
Swipe out of an application, then pop in and it'll show you. Must be on the same
network as your computer.

== How to build ==

Basic build:

  cd blackberry
  ant playbook build

This produces build/ as an unsigned application.

== How to sign with debug token? ==

Edit in the SDK/bin directory and add the path to your debug token, eg:


First run 'ant playbook build' to build, then re-build the final .bar with -d option:

bbwp build/ -d -o build

If you don't build with -d then it'll complain!

== To install the app ==

blackberry-deploy -installApp -password <tablet pass> -device <tablet ip> -package build/ 

Additional notes:
* to build WebWorks apps for handsets probably requires another SDK
* actual key signing is done another way
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