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Github mirror of "analytics/wmde/WD/WD_identifierLandscape" - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)
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Wikidata Identifier Landscape: Public Datasets

They are hosted in:

- WD_ExtIdentifiers_UpdateInfo.csv – The timestamp of the latest update. The dashboard will be updated manually until the WD JSON dump copy in hdfs is not productionized (Phab T209655).
- WD_ExternalIdentifiers_Co-Occurence.csv – A symmetric identifier x identifier co-occurence matrix.
- WD_ExternalIdentifiers_DataFrame.csv – A list of all external identifiers with (a) their P numbers, (b) labels, (c) classes to which they belong (in a sense of P31), (d) their classes’ labels.
- WD_ExternalIdentifiers_JaccardDistance.csv – A symmetric identifier x identifier Jaccard distance matrix.
- WD_ExternalIdentifiers_Stats.csv – Essential statistics on WD external identifier usage.
- WD_ExternalIdentifiers_Usage.csv – Essentially the same data set as  WD_ExternalIdentifiers_DataFrame.csv except for it includes the identifier usage statistics.
- WD_ExternalIdentifiers_tsneMap.csv – the 2D t-SNE solution coordinates. 

--- NOTES:

(1) Feedback should be sent to:
(2) Wikidata Identifier Landscape is produced by Goran S. Milovanovic working as a contractor for WMDE, via a contract established between Data Kolektiv, Belgrade and WMDE, Berlin.

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