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Database Reports

Generates statistical reports which are used by community members to improve Wikipedia.

This project allows the Community Tech bot to make periodic updates to these reports on different language Wikipedias. As of now the project support report generation for English (see here), Vietnamese, Korean and French Wikipedia.

Specific statistics that the reports support:

  • Unused templates
  • Forgotten articles
  • Most used templates
  • New wiki projects
  • Talk pages by size
  • Orphaned talk pages
  • Unused file redirects
  • Forgotten articles
  • Page with most revisions
  • Page count by namespace
  • Most edited articles last month
  • PRODed articles with deletion logs
  • Editors eligible for autopatrol privileges
  • Active editors with the longest-established accounts

Generating a report

  • Log into the Toolforge bastion using your Wikimedia developer account ssh
  • Become your tool account become database-reports
  • Run python test articles_by_size. It takes two arguments; in this example test refers to and articles_by_size is the type of statistics you're requesting. This command outputs the name of the page on which the report got dumped
  • To alter the default settings for periodic updates, make changes to the crontab file crontab -e

Adding support for a report

  • To add support for a specific statistics that you would like to see in a report, declare a function in and define it in
  • To provide support for translations in a specific language, include the dictionary in i18n/


Bug reports, fixes, and new features are welcomed. If you'd like to contribute code please:

  • Fork the project
  • Start a branch named for your new feature or bug
  • Create a pull request