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Chuvash keyboard layouts

This directory contains different Chuvash keyboard layouts.

The Chuvash alphabet contains all the 33 letters from the Russian alphabet and four additional letters: ӑ ӗ ҫ ӳ

Chuvash AltGr — Чăвашла AltGr

The default keyboard layout in which uses the standard Russian keyboard layouts plus additional four Chuvash letters. They are typed using the AltGr button.

Unfortunately only in firefox AltGr combinations work well.

Chuvash Mercen — Căvašla Mercen

This keyboard layout is based on Mercen and comes from CVLat movement.

"Chuvash Cyrillic"

This keyboard layout is designed by Ikăruk and uses the number row buttons for adding the additional letters. No AltGr is needed.

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