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Github mirror of MediaWiki extension BlueSpiceExtensions - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing
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BlueSpiceExtensions.php build: Updating npm dependencies for security issues Oct 11, 2018
Gruntfile.js Remove grunt-banana-checker Mar 9, 2018
composer.json Change composer package name May 4, 2018
package-lock.json build: Updating lodash to 4.17.15 Aug 1, 2019
package.json build: Updating npm dependencies for security issues Jun 7, 2019

BlueSpiceExtensions has been split up into separate extensions. There will be no further development on the master branch of this extensions. Branches REL1_23 and REL1_27 will only receive bugfix and security patches. Branch REL1_27_dev is kept in sync with REL1_27 but may be used for new features requested by customers.

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