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A mediawiki article spider tool.

This tool grabs all the dependencies for a given set of articles and creates a directory or zip file. The format is documented at


Node version 0.8 and 0.10 are tested to work.

Install the node package depdendencies with:

npm install

Install other system dependencies.

apt-get install zip


To generate a bundle for the article United States:

bin/mw-ocg-bundler -v -o -h "United States"

To generate a bundle for a collection of articles about the inner planets:

bin/mw-ocg-bundler -v -o -h --title Planets Mercury Venus Earth Mars

If you have a book specification (in the form of metabook.json and nfo.json files), use:

bin/mw-ocg-bundler -v -o -m metabook.json -n nfo.json

For non-interactive use feel free to remove the -v flag.

If you are running a local mediawiki instance, use appropriate -h, --parsoid-api, and --php-api options to point at your local wiki and local Parsoid installation:

bin/mw-ocg-bundler -v -o -h localhost --parsoid-api http://localhost:8142 --php-api http://localhost/api.php "Main Page"

Note that the argument to -h must match the "domain" you've configured in Parsoid's localsettings.js and MediaWiki's $wgVirtualRestConfig; it doesn't necessarily need to be a valid DNS domain. See Visual Editor's configuration guide for more details.

For other options, see:

bin/mw-ocg-bundler --help

There are several rendering backends which take bundles in this format as inputs. See mw-ocg-latexer, for instance, which generates PDFs of mediawiki articles via XeLaTeX, and mw-ocg-texter which generates plaintext versions of mediawiki articles.


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 C. Scott Ananian

Licensed under GPLv2.