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== About ==

LinkedWiki is a Mediawiki extension.
* In your wiki, you can test your SPARQL queries via the special pages and create the wiki text.
* In a wiki page, you can insert the result of a query sparql.
* In a module/infobox (via Lua), you can reuse your RDF data.
* You can export a page (and its subpages, modules,images and template) of your Wiki in another Wiki in one click.
* You can write directly in RDF/Turtle in the page or in the Data tab of pages.
* You can write rules in SHACL and see the last report in a special page.
* You can check your data (via Lua) with another knowledge base.
* You can call several SPARQL services of different editors in the wiki.
* You can restore all RDF data (in lua and in all pages) of wiki via a special page.

See the doc:

== License ==

 Copyright (c) 2021

	This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
	Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
	Unported License. To view a copy of this license,
	or send a letter to Creative Commons,
	171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco,
	California, 94105, USA.

== Contact ==

If you have remarks, questions, or suggestions, please send them to

== Installation ==

Put this line in your Localsettings.php for the parser "sparql" and the special pages:

   wfLoadExtension( 'LinkedWiki' );

Optional extensions :
* "Scribunto" in order to use the Lua class of Linkedwiki (SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi + WikiEditor)
* "Capiunto" in order to build infobox
* "SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi" in order to use the color syntax with RDF/turtle and SPARQL
* "PushAll" can push a page with all subpages, images and modules to another wiki in one click
* "NamespaceData" adds a tab Data for main pages and user pages

== Tutorial and download ==


== Release-Notes ==

* v3.7.1 Fix to support the version 1.39, 1.40 and 1.41 by Karima Rafes <>

* v3.7.0 Help the migration to the version 1.39 by Karima Rafes <>

* v3.6.4 Fix bugs by Karima Rafes <>
 		- correctly remove comments from SPARQL because the parser in Mediawiki removes newlines in the HTML code
 		  and thus breaks the SPARQL queries for Sgvizler2 when the query has a comment line
 		- remove debug messages during the jobs
 		- Use mediaviewer's external link with images of wikimedia in infobox

* v3.6.3 Fix bugs by Karima Rafes <>
 		- Fix bad IRIs for the shortcuts "DATAIRI" and "PAGEIRI"
 		- Fix bad detection when there is not a RDF database for saving the data
 		- Fix clean of error messages during the saving of RDF pages in the RDF database

* v3.6.2 Help the migration to the version 3.6 by Karima Rafes <>
 		- Addition of a button in the special "SaveRDF" page to rebuild all the properties of the wiki pages after the migration to version 3.6

* v3.6.1 Fix the compatibility with 1.35, 1.36 and 1.37 by Karima Rafes <>
 		- Fix "Lock wait timeout exceeded" during LinkedWiki's jobs

* v3.6.0 Refactoring, add features and fix wiki cache refresh issues by Karima Rafes <>
 		- For all pages: add tabs "Purge" (to refresh the page cache) and "Turtle" (for pages with a RDF tag)
 		- For special page "SaveRDF": print the status of wiki caches of pages with RDF or SPARQL queries
 		- For the lua lib: add function query, load css styles for infobox, add documentation, add internationalization messsages, improve the error management and improve the rendering and navigation of images
 		- For SPARQL parser: add the parameter "preview", fix the CSV export and the short url <PAGEIRI> and <DATAIRI>
 		- For RDFUnit (again an experimental tool): add the optional parameter "GraphsToCheckWithShacl" to add other graphs to check with the SHACL of wiki
 		- For RDF tag: insert a RDF BASE if the page have not already a BASE
 		- Add wiki jobs: "LoadRDF" to automatize the loading of RDF page and "InvalidatePageWithQueryJob" to fix wiki cache refresh issues (Replace the tool "Tracking Categories" by "Pages with properties" in order to control the wiki cache of RDF pages, SPARQL queries, RDF modules, SPARQL/RDF errors, etc.)
 		- Fix signatures
 		- Upgrade scripts to JavaScript ES6 (but not Flint)
 		- Upgrade all libs
		- Remove deprecated tools of precedent versions
 		- Add a lot tests and automatize all tests in the github project: BorderCloud/mediawiki-extension-LinkedWiki-CI
			T263990 T285703 T285631 T269851 T263995 T287882 T293747 T293750 T185521

* v3.5.1 Fix bugs by Karima Rafes <>
 		- HTTPMethodForWrite not being set properly
 		- Class HTML not being set properly in a special page

* v3.5.0 Add features and a fix by Karima Rafes <>
 		- Add options default and class for SPARQL table (pull request #1 on github of trueg)
 		- Replace obsolete <source> tag by <syntaxhighlight> tag of SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi

* v3.4.2 update for Mediawiki 1.35.0 by Karima Rafes <>
 		- Replace the function mw.getCurrentFrame()

* v3.4.0 update for Mediawiki 1.34.1 by Karima Rafes <>
		- fix obsolete SQL queries
		- update Sgvizler2
		- move the forks of extensions Push and NamespaceRelationals in two new extensions (PushAll and NamespaceData)

* v3.3.8 fix a bug by Ostrzycel <>
		- remove the use of OutputPage::addWikitext() removed in 1.34

* v3.3.7 fix bugs by Karima Rafes <>
         - fix problems about update data in mode preview and revision

* v3.3.6 fix bugs by Karima Rafes <>
         - fix rebuildall pages with lua modules in the version 1.33.1
         - fix css

* v3.3.5 update for Mediawiki 1.33.1 by Karima Rafes <>
		 Objectives: stabilize and simplify the installation
         		 - BREAKING CHANGE: Update extension.json at the version 2
         		   (see the new install/configuration)
         		 - The default configuration is now in the file extension.json and the local
         		   configurations returns in the file localsettings.php of your wiki.
         		 - The file "key.js" is removed and replaced by two variables to put in
         		   the localsettings: $wgLinkedWikiGoogleApiKey and $wgLinkedWikiOSMAccessToken.
         		 - New stable optional feature: insert tab "Data" on main pages and user pages,
         		   to be able  to write the RDF schemas and to describe this RDF at the main page
         		   in natural language.
         		   The NamespaceRelations extension is packaged in LinkedWiki extension to simplify
         		   the maintenance and the installation.
         		 - New stable optional feature: insert tab "push" on all pages, to push a page with
         		   its subpages, data, templates, modules and files of a private wiki
         		   to a public wiki  in one click.
         		   The Push extension is packaged in LinkedWiki extension to simplify the
         		   maintenance and the installation.
         		 - New stable optional feature: the RDFUnit special page can generate
         		   a SHACL report. RDFUnit has to be installed on the server.
         		 - New stable optional feature: we can write with RDF/turtle directly in a page and
         		   the wiki checks  the syntax before saving the page (with RAPPER of RedlandLib)
         		   RAPPER has to be installed on the server.
         		 - Mediawiki-codesniffer is now applied
         		 T227845 T143360 T215781 T185523 T183579 T182503 T200194 T143362

* v3.2.1 refresh tests with the last Selenium IDE by Karima Rafes <>
         - fix bugs in the SPARQL editor special page and the Lua functions

* v3.2.0 Update special page by Karima Rafes <>
         - refresh data is possible now

* v3.1.1 Update Sgvizler2 and bootstrap by Karima Rafes <>
         - Fix bugs in special page and parser
         - Fix errors messages

* v3.1.0 Use Sgvizler2, javascript wrapper for easy visualisation of SPARQL result sets. ( T143364 )
        - Update lib bordercloud/sparql
        - Update composer.json
        - Fix T165670 "footer = no" is respected when "templates
        - Fix T143360 Improve the SPARQL editor of the special page

* v3.0.0 Insert new special page for Wikidata by Karima Rafes <>
        - Refactoring/cleaning the code
        - Upgrade loading / registration of LinkedWiki extension
        - Insert tests for selenium IDE (and delete the old tests)
        - Add an experimental lua Class

* v2.1.1 Last version 2 before the version v3 by Karima Rafes <>
        - Fix bug with Wikidata
        - Update the lib SPARQL 1.2.1
        - Fix bug with OPTIONAL

* V2.1.0 Beta 1 version Extension LinkedWiki by Karima Rafes <>
	- Ready for Wikidata version beta
	- Fix the bug about JQuery ($.browser)
	- Fix bug with template

* V2.0.0 Alpha 1 version Extension LinkedWiki by Karima Rafes <>
	- simplify client SPARQL for MediaWiki (with or without SMW)
	- Remove ARC2 and replace with the lib SPARQL (simple)
	- Add parameter templateBare if YES : print only cells
	- Add parameter footer if NO : hide footer


Github mirror of MediaWiki extension LinkedWiki - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)


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