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Define custom user info provider

If you want to modify any of the fields username, realname or email before login, you can configure a custom callback for $wgSimpleSAMLphp_MandatoryUserInfoProviderFactories. The factory method has the following signature:

factoryCallback( \Config $config ) : MediaWiki\Extension\SimpleSAMLphp\IUserInfoProvider

For simple usecases one can use MediaWiki\Extension\SimpleSAMLphp\UserInfoProvider\GenericCallback:

$wgSimpleSAMLphp_MandatoryUserInfoProviderFactories['username'] = function( $config ) {
    return new MediaWiki\Extension\SimpleSAMLphp\UserInfoProvider\GenericCallback( function( $attributes ) {
        if ( !isset( $attributes['mail'] ) ) {
            throw new Exception( 'missing email address' );
        $parts = explode( '@', $attributes['mail'][0] );
        return strtolower( $parts[0] );
    } );
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