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0.9.0 / 2018-03-23

Notable wt -> html changes

  • Parsoid HTML version bumped to 1.6.1
  • T114072: Add
    wrappers to Parsoid output
  • T118520: Use figure-inline instead of span for inline media
  • Update Parsoid to generate modern HTML5 IDs w/ legacy fallback
  • T58756: External links class= now setting free, text and autonumber
  • T45094: Replace with for references
  • T97093: Use mw:WikiLink/Interwiki for interwiki links
  • Permit extension tags in xmlish attribute values
  • A number of bug fixes and crasher fixes

Notable html -> wt changes:

  • Preserve original transclusion's parameter order
  • T180930: Selser shouldn't reuse orig sep for autoinserted tags


  • This release requires clients (VE, etc.) to return a 1.6.0 and greater HTML version string in the header. If not, Parsoid will return a HTTP 406. This can be fixed by updating VE (or relevant clients) to a more recent version.
  • T66003: Make strictSSL configurable per wiki as well
  • Use pure compute workers for the request processing
  • T123446: Bring back request timeouts
  • Lots of changes to wikitext linting code including new linter categories.


  • Match core's parsing of gallery dimensions
  • Added
    and extension handling.

Performance fixes:

  • Don't process token attributes unnecessarily
  • T176728: Use replaceChild instead of insertBefore
  • Performance fixes to domino, the html + dom library used in Parsoid


  • Upgrade eslint, domino, service-runner, request and many other dev and non-dev dependencies


  • Get rid of the handleUnbalancedTables DOM pass
  • The normalize post processor isn't needed any more
  • More use of arrow functions, promises, async/yield, ES6 classes in the codebase
  • Switch from jsduck to jsdoc3 for documentation and use new jsdoc-wmf-theme for documentation

0.8.0 / 2017-10-24

Notable wt -> html changes:

  • T43716: Parse and serialize language converter markup
  • T64270: Support video and audio content
  • T39902, T149794: Markup red links, disambiguation links in Parsoid HTML
  • T122965: Support HTML5 elements in older browsers
  • T173384: Improve handling of tokens in parser function targets
  • T153885: Handle templated template names
  • T151277: Handle [[Media:Foo.jpg]] syntax correctly
  • Generalize removal of useless p-wrappers
  • More permissive attribute name parsing
    • match PHP parser's attribute sanitizer
  • Remove dependence on native parser functions
  • Stop using usePHPPreProcessor as a proxy for an existing mw api to parse extensions
  • Several bug fixes

Notable html -> wt changes:

  • T135667, T138492: Use improved format specifier for TemplateData enabling templates to control formatting of transclusions after VE edits
  • T153107: Fix unhandled detection of modified link content
  • T136653: Handle interwiki shortcuts
  • T177784: Update reverse interwiki map to prefer language prefixes over others
  • Cleanup in separator handling in the wikitext serializer
  • Several bug fixes


  • Remove support for pb2html in the http api


  • Cite:
    • T159894: Add support for Cite's responsive parameter
  • Gallery:
    • Remove inline styling for vertical alignment in traditional galleries
    • All media should scale in gallery


  • Upgrade service-runner, mediawiki-title
  • Use uuid instead of node-uuid
  • Upgrade several dependencies to deal with security advisories
  • Limit core-js shimming to what we need


  • Migrate from jshint to eslint

Notable wikitext linting changes:

  • Move linter config properties to the linter config object
  • Only lint pages that have wikitext contentmodel
  • Lint multiple colon escaped links (incorrect usage)
  • Add an API endpoint to get lint errors for wikitext
  • Turn off ignored-table-attr output
  • Add detection for several wikitext patterns that render differently in Tidy compared to a HTML5 based parser (Parsoid, RemexHTML). This is only relevant if you want to fix pages before replacing Tidy or if you want to use Parsoid HTML for non-edit purposes.


  • Add code of conduct file to the repo

0.7.1 / 2017-04-05

No changes. New release to update nodejs dependency in the deb package.

0.7.0 / 2017-04-04

wt -> html changes:

  • T102209: Assign ids to H[1-6] tags that match PHP parser's assignment
  • T150112: Munge link fragments and element ids as in the php parser
  • T59603: T133267: Escape extlink content when containing ] anywhere
  • T156296: Update cached wiki configs for several wikimedia wikis
  • T50900: Improved error output for extensions, missing images
  • T109897: Remove implicit_table_data_tag rule
  • T98960: Accept entities in extlink href and url links
  • T113044: Complete templatearg representation in spec
  • T104523: Prevent infinite recursion in template expansion
  • T104662: Allow nested ref tags only in templates
  • Support extension tags which shadows "block level" HTML elements
  • A bunch of cleanup and edge case fixes in the PEG tokenizer
  • Don't accept pipe unconditionally in extlink
  • Percent-encode modules link in the HEAD section
  • Update CSS modules in HEAD section
  • Remove special-case non-void semantics for SOURCE
  • Fixup redirect-detecting regular expressions in multiple places
  • Edge case bug fixes to title handling code
  • Edge case bug fixes in aynsc token transformation pipeline
  • Several fixes to the linting code to support the PHP Linter extension

html -> wt changes:

  • T149209: Handle newlines in TD and TH cells
  • T160207: Fix serializing multi-line indent-pre w/ sol wt syntax
  • T133267: Escape extlink content when containing ] anywhere
  • T152633: Fix crasher from ConstrainedText
  • T112043: Handle anchors without hrefs
  • Fix and cleanup domdiff annotations which fixes some edge case bugs


  • T110910: Implement gallery extension natively inside Parsoid
  • T58381, T108216: Treat NOWIKI and html PRE as extension tags
  • Cite: T102134: Fix hrefs to render properly
  • Cite: Escape cite ids with Sanitizer.escapeId
  • Move section handling to the LST extension
  • Extension API improvements for the ProofreadPage extension
  • Normalize all extension options

Infrastructure changes:

  • Update parser tests syncing scripts to let us sync PHP extension tests from to/from Parsoid.
  • Several fixes to parserTests scripts to improve output and processing of test options, among other things.
  • Bump domino, service-runner, minor versions of some deps, and some dev deps.
  • Switch to npm@3

API changes:

  • In dev-api mode, add ?follow_redirects=true support to wt2html API end points to get Parsoid to return a HTTP 302 response for redirect pages. This lets 302-following clients to render the target page.

Other fixes:

  • T153797: ApiRequest: Clone the request options before modifying them
  • T150213: Suppress logs for known unknown contentmodels
  • Code cleanup and refactoring for upcoming audio/video support.
  • Code cleanup and refactoring in template handling for upcoming support for templated template names. This also fixes some edge case bugs.

0.6.1 / 2016-11-14

  • Fix broken 0.6.0 debian package

0.6.0 / 2016-11-07

wt -> html changes:

  • T147742: Trim template target after stripping comments
  • T142617: Handle invalid titles in transclusions
  • Handle caption-like text outside tables
  • migrateTrailingNLs DOM pass: Code simplifications and some subtle edge case bug fixes
  • Handle HTML tags in attribute text properly
  • A bunch of cleanup and fixes in the PEG tokenizer

html -> wt changes:

  • T134389: Serialize content in HTML tables using HTML tags
  • T125419: Fix selser issues serializing first table row
  • T137406: Emit |- between thead/tbody/tfoot
  • T139388: Ensure that edits to content nested in elements with templated attributes is not lost by the selective serializer.
  • T142998: Fix crasher in DOM normalization code
  • Normalize all lists to not mix wikitext and HTML list syntax
  • Always emit canonical wikitext for url links
  • Emit url-links where appropriate no matter what rel attribute says

Infrastructure changes:

  • T96195 : Remove node 0.8 support
  • T113322: Use the mediawiki-title library instead of Parsoid-homegrown title normalization code.
  • Remove html5 treebuilder in favour of domino's
  • service-runner:
    • T90668 : Replace custom server.js with service-runner
    • T141370: Use service-runner's logger as a backend to Parsoid's logger
    • Use service-runner's metrics reporter in the http api
  • Extensions:
    • T48580, T133320: Allow extensions to handle specific contentmodels
    • Let native extensions add stylesheets
  • Lots of wikitext linter fixes / features.

API changes:

  • T130638: Add data-mw as a separate JSON blob in the pagebundle
  • T135596: Return client error for missing data attributes
  • T114413: Provide HTML2HTML endpoint in Parsoid
  • T100681: Remove deprecated v1/v2 HTTP APIs
  • T143356: Separate data-mw API semantics
  • Add a page/wikitext/:title route to GET wikitext for a page
  • Updates in preparation for supporting version 2.x content in the future -- should be no-op for version 1.x content
  • Don't expose dev routes in production
  • Cleanup http redirects
  • Send error responses in the requested format

Performance fixes:

  • Template wrapping: Eliminate pathological tpl-range nesting scenario
  • computeDSR: Fix source of pathological O(n^2) behavior

Other fixes:

  • Make the http connect timeout configurable
  • Prevent JSON.stringify circular refs in template wrapping trace/error logs
  • Fix processing listeners in node v7.x

0.5.3 / 2016-11-01

  • T149504: SECURITY: Fix reflected XSS

0.5.2 / 2016-07-05

  • Fix npm package

0.5.1 / 2015-05-02

  • Fix debian package

0.5.0 / 2015-05-02

  • Thar be dragons