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Removes executable bit from files that shouldn't be executable. Mirror from - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)
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MinusX is a utility that finds files that shouldn't have a UNIX executable mode.

Files that are marked as executable must either have a MIME type of application/x-executable or application/x-sharedlib, or start with a shebang.

It can be installed via composer:

composer require mediawiki/minus-x --dev


minus-x check .

And to automatically fix errors:

minus-x fix .

If you need to whitelist a specific file or directory, create a .minus-x.json in the repository root:

	"ignore": [
	"ignoreDirectories": [

The directories .git, vendor, and node_modules are always ignored.

MinusX is licensed under the terms of the GPL, v3 or later. See COPYING for more details.

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