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Add MWExceptionRenderer class and decouple DBError

* This handles the work of showing exceptions so that
  MWException does not have too.
* Simplify the DBError classes to regular Exception
  classes. Lots of pointless prettification has been
  removed, but DBConnectionError still gets the usual
  special treatment of a fallback page and Google form.
* Remove hacky file cache fallback code that probably
  did not work.
* Make MWExceptionHandler::report() wrap
* Make MWException::runHooks() wrap

Change-Id: I5dfdc84e94ddac65417226cf7c84513ebb9f9faa
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1 parent a37ab7f commit 00bee029718f3215396e984d04b9450bc3872503 @AaronSchulz AaronSchulz committed Sep 14, 2016
@@ -767,6 +767,7 @@
'MWDocGen' => __DIR__ . '/maintenance/mwdocgen.php',
'MWException' => __DIR__ . '/includes/exception/MWException.php',
'MWExceptionHandler' => __DIR__ . '/includes/exception/MWExceptionHandler.php',
+ 'MWExceptionRenderer' => __DIR__ . '/includes/exception/MWExceptionRenderer.php',
'MWGrants' => __DIR__ . '/includes/utils/MWGrants.php',
'MWHttpRequest' => __DIR__ . '/includes/HttpFunctions.php',
'MWMemcached' => __DIR__ . '/includes/compat/MemcachedClientCompat.php',
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