Commits on May 28, 2014
  1. Reorganize commonPrint.css

    waldyrious authored and bawolff committed Oct 29, 2012
    - Group related rulesets together
    - Harmonize comment headers for group rulesets
      and make them more visible for improved navigation
    Change-Id: Ie9928e8fe566c3907fcc2b2790f2e0a15ffd0436
Commits on May 15, 2014
  1. format the tests/phpunit/TODO document for readability

    waldyrious committed May 14, 2014
    Change-Id: I54877680158b0b49ed13db9fd2d0441b82cab8b6
Commits on May 13, 2014
  1. Installer: Minor tweaks to UI

    waldyrious committed May 3, 2013
    - add a tooltip to the "help" links to make it clear they'll expand in place
    - don't use an IMG tag for the download link;
      instead, apply a css background to the A element, so that on hover
      there isn't an underlined space between the link text and the image;
    - grammar fix to sqlite help message: replace a colon with a semicolon.
    Change-Id: Iacf5ed57d983a21d87467c848823607032901cec
Commits on May 11, 2014
  1. Several tweaks to the install.php script

    waldyrious committed May 26, 2013
    - Fix description of the "admin" option, which says there's a default,
      "WikiSysop", when this isn't the case.
    - Use "MediaWiki" instead of "Don't care" as the default value
      for the "name" argument
    - make the "name" argument optional, so that its default value
      can actually work as such
    - test for getOption's default parameter value (null)
      rather than providing one (false) and testing for it
    - fix indication of default value for --dbpath
      and document where it comes from
    - format the default for --confpath
      the same way as other defaults are displayed
    - add description
    - use trim() for --passfile, as is done for --dbpassfile
    - use single quotes where possible
    - mention in the documentation where the default values come from
    - various minor text adjustments
    - bonus: typo fix in a comment in Maintenance.php
    Change-Id: Icbc0b02cfbf09b3f97ed86f4a68c3b35a9c839c8
Commits on May 10, 2014
  1. Remove ruleset for obsolete class .rimage

    waldyrious authored and Krinkle committed May 10, 2014
    Change-Id: I0f20b54002729baa1f8d0e249c4ea08db6cd5dc6
  2. Remove unnecessary rule display:-moz-inline-box

    waldyrious committed May 10, 2014
    Gecko now supports display:inline-block directly.
    Change-Id: I6591212c371f03c766a1296f2520bf09fe43e286
  3. Rename variable _AdminPassword2 to _AdminPasswordConfirm for clarity

    waldyrious committed May 26, 2013
    Change-Id: Ica04efb07014d0e7c91ae69c1a7ba5e00c0b16c2
Commits on Mar 28, 2014
  1. Clean up access points

    waldyrious authored and Krinkle committed Feb 15, 2013
    * Harmonize spacing
    * Use // for comments rather than #
    * Harmonize call style for 'require', 'include' etc.
    * Add missing profileinfo.php5
    * Use "./" for path to api.php in api.php5 (to match other php5 files).
    * Move documentation related to Setup.php from index.php to WebStart.php
    * Remove "Initialise common code." comment in api.php (was already remove
      in most entry points)
    Change-Id: I8dc4a79fd13cee49e34f250a4039b3666bd42aca
Commits on Jan 28, 2014
  1. skin: Remove the id "anonlogin" and merge pt-anonlogin with pt-login

    waldyrious authored and Krinkle committed May 25, 2013
    This was used as an alternative id for the login link in the
    personal tools at the top right for ShowIPinHeader context.
    This seems to have been inherited since the days of the
    PHPTal-based skins (at least git-blame shows their presence back
    in Brion's rewrite of the skin in november 2004).
    I've asked several maintainers about this and nobody could figure
    out why it would need a different id. After all, whenever the
    user sees the login link it means they are using the wiki as an
    anonymous user.
    My best guess is that this was meant to allow the ability to
    style the login differently when the (anonymous) user has
    already made an edit (or if we init a session for other reasons).
    This is also what toggles the anon userlinks are shown (i.e. the
    links to the IP userpage and talkpage), but I see no evidence of
    this, and in any case it would be better to change the class of
    the whole personal tools div instead of changing the IDs.
    Change-Id: Ib3445934853db5361c3c6fecfe75623b0b921400
Commits on May 26, 2013
  1. Rename Skin::getUsableSkins() to Skin::getAllowedSkins()

    waldyrious authored and JeroenDeDauw committed May 25, 2013
    Follow-up to change 65426 (commit a3c7a8b)
    Also, rewrite the documentation for this function call in Preferences.php
    To remove the "(skins is all skin names from Language.php)"
    which I couldn't make sense of.
    Change-Id: I0b0fdfb5615c22aa876882c3ca344ebb1f10c4bd
Commits on May 25, 2013
  1. Rename $usableSkins to $allowedSkins

    waldyrious committed May 25, 2013
    This change is entirely in local scope.
    The function is still called getUsableSkins()
    so this change won't break anything.
    But the variable name and the updated documentation comment
    make it clearer what the purpose of this function is,
    for anyone reading the code or reading the autogenerated docs.
    This change also includes minor changes to documentation
    in skin-related files (typos and small edits for clarity).
    Change-Id: I4220408f4d3b64cf87be4ad1af4b72d3a4524922
Commits on Mar 6, 2013
  1. normalize filenames of maintenance scripts

    waldyrious authored and reedy committed Feb 11, 2013
    Use lowerCamelCase.php format for all files (per [[mw:CC#File_naming]]),
    and make filenames more specific:
    - clear_stats.php -> clearCacheStats.php
    - clear_interwiki_cache.php -> clearInterwikiCache.php
    - initStats.php -> initSiteStats.php
    - proxy_check.php -> proxyCheck.php
    - stats.php -> showCacheStats.php
    - showStats.php -> showSiteStats.php
    Also changed the class names accordingly (per [[mw:CC/PHP#Naming]]),
    and make class names more specific:
    - clear_stats -> ClearCacheStats
    - InitStats -> InitSiteStats
    - CacheStats -> ShowCacheStats
    - ShowStats -> ShowSiteStats
    Updated files that made references to the changed files/classes:
    - DefaultSettings.php and SpecialBlockme.php (proxy_check.php -> proxyCheck.php)
    - maintenance/showSiteStats.php (initStats.php -> initSiteStats.php)
    - maintenance/README and docs/memcached.txt (stats.php -> showCacheStats.php)
    - docs/maintenance.txt and docs/memcached.txt (clear_stats.php -> clearCacheStats.php)
    Thanks Hashar for the initial help and encouragement :)
    Change-Id: I60f76fc971e06e1b710dcda35f9c2d931b93bdd7
Commits on Feb 20, 2013
  1. Fix API output formatting (change lines delimited with * as bold)

    waldyrious committed Jan 16, 2013
    Problem: on API documentation pages, lines delimited with asterisks
    are automatically converted to bold. However, some lines aren't,
    such as the one with the url in the main header of the root API page:
    Not only this is breaks the standard formatting for module headers, etc,
    but if the font used by the browser for monospaced text
    doesn't preserve character width between bold and regular weight
    (which it should), any layout structures will break.
    The regex that applies bold to the lines starting and ending in *
    doesn't accept < and > inside the string,
    but these are added by the url-formatting regex.
    Simply changing the order of these operations fixes the issue.
    Note: this change also removes the regex applying italics
          to lines in the $ ... $ form, as suggested by Anomie and Yurik
          in code review comments.
    Change-Id: I7173f812bebb8a722fefdaa6cce9fcd554c82c84
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
  1. Allow API results to wrap long lines

    waldyrious committed Dec 6, 2012
    - Bug 260 provides potentally relevant discussion
      (also eventually settled in white-space:pre-wrap)
    - Wrapping isn't applied in help pages, since they rely
      on the monospaced font for layout purposes.
    - Rename $isError to the more exact $isHelp
    - Update documentation for ApiFormatBase::initPrinter()
    - Bonus: header w/ info about output formats won't show
      for action=help anymore (irrelevant)
    Change-Id: Id9cdf102e17b4c3eaf4b10f3e3f5e97233911b97
Commits on Jan 16, 2013
  1. Minor tweaks to installer text

    waldyrious committed Jan 16, 2013
    - use "open wiki" (explicit meaning) rather than "traditional wiki" (implicit meaning)
    - tweak sentence that explains what the "traditional wiki" is to work with whatever label is used
    - "Traditionally" --> "Usually" (less dogmatic)
    - use the system message for the "back" button, to match the "next" button
    Change-Id: I92b599965c6ed7e405951a37f2d3cbc8710aff16
Commits on Dec 6, 2012
  1. Further tweaks to pipe trick documentation (follow-up Iaf365e31)

    waldyrious committed Dec 6, 2012
    - call them pipe tricks (plural) as there's more than one
    - mention double-width comma as well
    - use one tab character for alignment due to double-width chars
    - document reverse pipe trick
    Change-Id: I27a1d04362eb3988fc1318fa1f73f69877019439
Commits on Nov 7, 2012
  1. Improve documentation for "pipe trick"

    waldyrious committed Nov 7, 2012
    - Actually mention "pipe trick" so the code is searchable
    - Use spaces rather than tabs for vertical alignment
    - Clarify comment for double-width brackets and mention revision it was added
    Change-Id: Iaf365e313144e378133fb16c64efa5b7e47d4a6a
Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. improve wfStripIllegalFilenameChars()'s readability

    waldyrious committed Aug 7, 2012
    make the preg_replace regex more readable,
    and expand documentation a little.
    Change-Id: Id26d9d42be7d3f2780e82da27dd2477d62d8e106
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. Introduce default expiry time for special:block (bug 32178)

    waldyrious committed Jun 6, 2012
    Minor side change 1: fix preservation of infinite expiry time when reblocking:
    the hardcoded value "indefinite" did not match with the default value
    specified in ipboptions "infinite"
    Minor side change 2: fix link in includes/Message.php's documentation
    Change-Id: Icb1edabd8bb3dd1020c023b27b1270b9d2735b06
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
  1. (bug 23427) PAGEID magic word

    waldyrious authored and hashar committed Jun 2, 2012
    Please note on preview of a new page, this magic word will return 0 so
    we have to set the vary-revision flag.
    Change-Id: I11d42ca773ad84b73cc84f2c7dd2d09f1982d97a
Commits on Jun 3, 2012
  1. Wrap auto-numbering for section heading in a classed span (bug 33450)

    waldyrious committed Jun 3, 2012
    Change-Id: Ibea90c096b1b757c277819fc403eef45209fc94c