⚙️ Configuration for Wikimedia Foundation wikis. This is a mirror from https://gerrit.wikimedia.org. See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Developer_access for contributing.
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dblists Remove FlaggedRevs for ptwikipedia Dec 10, 2018
docroot speed-tests: Remove old content and add a new article copy Dec 8, 2018
errorpages errorpages: Use service discovery for statsd in hhvm-fatal-error.php Dec 6, 2018
fonts @ d1a52a6 Updating fonts to master (removes +x) Feb 14, 2018
images Replaces "/images" directory with symlinks Feb 21, 2016
multiversion Initial configuration for punjabiwikimedia Nov 14, 2018
portals @ ece81a3 Revert "Bumping portals to master" Dec 10, 2018
private Set up separate Thumbor Swift user for private containers Feb 27, 2018
rpc RunSingleJob: Check that JobExecutor has been loaded Nov 27, 2018
scap Remove use of deprecated StartProfiler.php file Aug 15, 2018
static Upload new logos for cawikimedia Dec 12, 2018
tests tests: Assert LabsServices contains all prod keys Dec 12, 2018
vendor Fix 'the the' typo in vendor/perftools/xhgui-collector/external/heade… Aug 14, 2018
w Constants must be scalar in HHVM Dec 6, 2018
wmf-config mariadb: pool db1098 for recentchanges and recenlchangeslinked Dec 12, 2018
.gitignore gitignore: Remove redundant ignore for vendor/slim Sep 7, 2018
.gitmodules Replace portals submodule with portals/deploy submodule Mar 19, 2018
.gitreview Initial commit Feb 25, 2012
README multiversion: Remove reference to deprecated getRealmSpecificFilename() Oct 14, 2018
composer.json tests: Make phpunit tests pass on PHP 7.1 Oct 14, 2018
composer.lock Use perftools/xhgui-collector instead of perftools/xhgui Jun 29, 2018
debug.json Switch to mwdebug hosts in codfw too. Mar 7, 2018
fc-list Updating fonts list and sorting it Jan 17, 2018
langlist Initial configuration for shnwiki Nov 14, 2018
langlist-labs Fix en-rtl in Special:SiteMatrix in beta Jul 2, 2018
php group1 wikis to 1.33.0-wmf.8 Dec 12, 2018
phpcs.xml profiler: Prevent flush from fataling a request Oct 10, 2018
phpunit.xml test: be strict regarding globals Jun 12, 2017
requirements.txt Scap swat command Dec 20, 2016
robots.txt Remove frwiki outdated entries in robots.txt Jul 16, 2018
setup.py Scap swat command Dec 20, 2016
test-requirements.txt Scap swat command Dec 20, 2016
tox.ini Scap swat command Dec 20, 2016
typos Added a new commonly typed typo Oct 25, 2016
wikiversions-labs.json Add some new beta wikis Jun 7, 2018
wikiversions.json group1 wikis to 1.33.0-wmf.8 Dec 12, 2018



Files in this repository are almost a mirror of the Wikimedia Foundation
cluster configuration. Omitted files include passwords and security measures.

 List of wiki databases.
 For labs-only dblists, add "-labs" suffix before the file extension.

 Central management of error pages used by app servers at the PHP or Apache level.

wikiversions.json, wikiversions.php
wikiversions-labs.json, wikiversions-labs.php
 Let us associate a database with a specific copy of MediaWiki (generally a
 branch). The .php file is updated by editing wikiversions.json first and then
 running multiversion/updateWikiversions.

 Configuration for X-Wikimedia-Debug. The browser extensions use this to
 determine which app servers are available to use as X-Wikimedia-Debug
 backends. See <https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/X-Wikimedia-Debug>.

 The Apache document roots for most of our VirtualHosts.

 Static files available under all docroots as /static.
 Contains icons and images used by MediaWiki, such as project logos,
 favicons, CentralAuth SUL icons and more.

 Deprecated aliases for a subset of files in /static/images.

 The "w/" directory in the docroot of any MediaWiki-serving VirtualHost.

 Hold some PHPUnit tests.

 The MediaWiki configuration for all database.
 Think of it like a huge LocalSettings.php.

 Generic configuration such as including extensions or calling over piece
 of configuration. This is mostly shared among all wikis.

 Per-wiki configuration.

 Databases related configuration.

 Memcached configuration.

 Files used by the beta cluster to override production settings.